Desktop wallpapers and where to find them

Hello OpenLegion,

I’m posting this under Uncategorised because I’m not sure if requests or just actual artwork should go under art.

I’m wondering if there are some cool OL wallpapers (will logo would be cooler) for me to put on my laptop. I’m wanting to provoke as much “what is this Open Legend?” as possible.



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Did you back Open Legend? If so you will be receiving some wallpapers (depending on tier I think, can’t remember if the lower tier includes it or not off hand).

There have been a few things posted on twitter/facebook from Open Legend, but not sure if they are as high quality to use as a desktop wallpaper.

there was this (re)tweet that an artist posted. You could probably combine the 3 images together for a desktop wallpaper:

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I did. I backed Heroic Tier. I’ll take another look. I could just make something, but I’m lazy.

I don’t believe the wallpapers are released just yet, but they should be soon with the books sent to the printer.

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