Delayed Effect Feat

From @Crazy_Mac , posted on the wiki back in April 2019

Mentioning it here for some discussion points (don’t like how wiki “discussion” or “talk” works

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So, it isn’t clear, but I think part of the intention of this feat is that you can apply the feat unknown to the target.

I gather that from this point in the effect:

If your Delayed Effect fails to beat the target’s Defense, they become immediately aware of your attempt.

You would normally always be immediately aware of someone giving you a bane, thus it must be the intention to do the opposite with this feat, though it isn’t mentioned anywhere.

Apologies, another one of mine. Twas moreso born of the “You are already dead” meme, mention of the enemy’s awareness was part of feedback I recieved, not part of the original intent. The intent was just to allow delays at all. I’ll think on how best to clarify it.

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Attempted clarification based on the precise feedback I was provided that led to the ambiguity to start with. I would like to apologize again for that. If there’s any further questions, please freely ask.

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I think it’s a very flavorful feat that could bring intresting strategy choices in battle and outside battle. If I was using it I would feel total badass. I will propose it to my players to playtest and post here any findings and feedback.

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Thank you, I look forward to the feedback regarding how it goes.