Darksiders in Open Legend

Recently, the game Darksiders 3 was announced to be released in 2018. I love this franchise, their setting, characters and everything about it, so I decided to create some of the main characters using Open Legend. The first up is the main protagonist of the first game: War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. I tried to use the same format as the official website for OL, so that others could easily identify and use it. This version was created at level 1, and there is room for a lot of improvement. Throughout the game, War acquires a bunch of powerful items, and some of them are reflected down in the equipment section. I’ve taken certain liberties when I created these, and some of the things are more powerful than would be expected for a first level character. Without further ado, here we go =)


The Horseman War has charged into countless battles astride his spectral steed Ruin, leaving a trail of blood and bones in his wake. His eyes and hear are as white as the chill he casts on angels and demons alike, for the fury of his massive sword is unmatched in combat. As unyielding as time itself, War is both honorable and savage.


Outside of combat, War has a plethora of artifacts at his disposal to serve as means of traversal and detection. An honorable yet savage person, War is known to respect an unspoken warrior’s code, and fight to the death if anyone dares to challenge him. His rage and bloodlust has been somewhat tempered throughout the eons, but can still boil over and can cause War to transform into his tremendously powerful Chaos form.

In combat, War swings his powerful greatsword, Chaoseater, in huge and powerful arcs. The sword eats the souls of enemies it injures, becoming more powerful with every cut. His trusty steed Ruin increases his power even more and empowers his sword attacks. War can turn into his terrible Chaos Form to inflict even more damage.

Attributes: Agility 3 (1d8), Fortitude 4 (1d10), Might 5 (2d6), Perception 2 (1d6), Will 2 (1d6), Presence 2 (1d6)
Hit Points: 26
Guard: 21
Toughness: 16
Resolve: 14
Speed: 30’

Feats: Alternate Form II (Chaos Form)
Perks: Warrior’s Code, Divine Agent
Flaws: Bloodlust, Hot Tempered

Notable Equipment: Nephilim Battle Armor (treated as a heavy armor), Chaoseater (treated as a greatsword), Crossblade, Tremor Gauntlets, Abyssal Chain, Shadowflight, Mask of Shadows, Ruin (while astride his steed, War’s might score increases by 2)

Favored Actions:
Chaoseater (melee damaging attack): Might vs. Guard w. advantage 1
Powerful Swing (inflict disarm): Might vs. Guard
Warcry (inflict demoralized): Might vs. Resolve (PL 3)
Crossblade (ranged damaging attack): Agility vs. Guard
Abyssal Chain (inflict forced move): Might vs. Guard (PL 4)
Shadowflight: Allows war to glide a short distance through the air.
Mask of Shadows (invoke truesight): War dons the mask and can see things that are hidden.
Tremor Gauntlets (damaging area attack): Might vs. Guard. War uses a focus action to slam the ground, causing a 10 ft. radius area attack around him. The area attack doesn’t cause disadvantage when used with these gauntlets.
Chaos Form: Enter a powerful Chaos Form for a short time.

Attributes: Fortitude 5, Might 7, Will 2, Presence 3
Hit Points: 30
Guard: 22 (Might 7, Chaos Armor 5)
Toughness: 17 (20 in battle trance)
Resolve: 15 (18 in battle trance)
Speed: 25’
Feats: Battle Trance

Favored Actions:
Chaoseater (melee damaging attack): Might vs. Guard w. advantage 3

I hope you like it. I will try to do more of these in the future, and hopefully I get to play them at some point. Next up is his brother: Death.