D&d 9th level spell

HI, is it possible to make a spell like storm of vengeance in open legend?
because the range it has would normally give a fuckton of disadvantage to each target…

Pretty crazy spell for sure. And it affects all creatures for a large part of its affects, which would include allies.

Could be done via a barrier or through a large area of casting. 360 feet radius (720 feet diameter) is pretty large. I think in most cases you wouldn’t actually need it that large and could scale it down.

Yes, it would be huge disadvantage, unless you did it via a special item (which would probably cost a lot). But you could also attempt to cast it multiple times in OL, whereas you don’t normally have many level 9 spell slots.

You would be relying on the d20 for success in this case. And it wouldn’t be disadvantage to each target, it would be disadvantage on the area.

I’d just have you roll a d20 honestly on this, and just assume all 1s for the attribute dice, if you wanted to make it that big of an area.

I’d also probably just do it via a straight Energy/Alteration/Creation roll too, so if I did it that way, I might just require a high CR and let you roll your attribute dice straight.

Something like… CR 40… maybe 50? Have to think of it some more, and let others weigh in.

BTW, for those unfamiliar with the spell, like myself, here is a link:


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Another suggestion is to modify and use the Heightened Invocation Feat as well as some Legend Points (burn 4+ Legend points to drop the disadvantage to something manageable, like only 2-3 and that’s after all other considerations).

Got something that huge, remember that Succes with a Twist and Fail Forward exist! For example, even if they fail with the modified Disadvantage 3 (which they HAVE to have the Disadvantage and cannot remove regardless), they still “cast the spell” but maybe they no longer control it and now it lasts as long as the DM decides and moves at random.

Just food for thought.

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