D&D 5e MM conversion

Hi all! I’ve been playing Open Legend for a month or so by now, and as I prefer having a ready source of creatures at my disposal, I’ve decided to convert the 5th edition D&D Monster Manual to the system.
This is still a work in progress (it’ll be updated real-time on the link, I add something new every day); I’ve just finished the demons section from the SRD. I hope it can be of use to somebody!



The first creature on there, you have this line:

The target cannot take a minor action to resist this bane at the beginning of its turn.

did you mean to say the target CAN ? otherwise it doesn’t really make sense as most Banes can be resisted with a move action and you specifically pointed out the minor action here, so I’m figuring the “not” just needs to be taken out?

It might be for simplicity sake so you didn’t have to mention additional disadvantage, but for the Animated Armor, you listed:

Mulit-Attack Animated armor can make up to 2 attacks, and reduces the disadvantage penalty for multiple attacks by 1.

It should say: 2 additional attacks (which is a total of 3)

The Multi-attack Specialist allows you 1 + half your level in additional attacks, so at 1st level that is 2 additional attacks (3 total with your normal attack).

Oh, and btw, it is looking nice, so good job with it :slight_smile:

I know I started off with proof-reading, but that means I am already impressed with it, so cheers!

I’ll try and come back later and look at more of them to see if I spot anything for you!

Well, I messed up my reading on additional attacks! I’ll have to fix that.
As for the aboleth’s entry, I probably wrote Minor instead of Move while thinking of something else, or was rushing and didn’t notice; the point of the entry is that a creature cannot resist the bane until it is cured (speaking of, I probably should add that to the aboleth’s feats); I’ll fix that shortly.

Thanks for the review, and I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile:

I believe I’ve fixed the “multiple attacks” errors, and I’ve corrected the aboleth typo.

For the Planetar, you’ve incorrectly listed the attribute substitution as Might > Presence rather than Presence > Might. Same with the Solar.

So you mean, there are no resist rolls and they have to be cured of it (b/c once they are cured they no longer have the bane, and therefore don’t need to resist)?

How so? They are using Presence instead of Might. Isn’t it correct to write “Might–>Presence” to symbolize that all Might skills can be used with Presence?

Yes, as per the Heightened Invocation III feat for the bane, or some other manner at the GM’s discretion.

Looks like some formatting mishap happened. Looking at the page with the Aboloth, the entry next to it is way off to the right.

so then I wouldn’t use this wording:

The target cannot take a move action to resist this bane at the beginning of its turn.

and instead use this:

This disease is magical and permanent. There are no resist rolls allowed for it.

And then depending on if nullify could get rid of it or not

At the GM’s discretion, nullify/restoration may be used to remove this disease, though at a power level of 7+

Maybe 8 or 9 is needed instead of 7, I’m not as familiar with this creature off hand.

Just to note, if it is the Heightened Invocation 3 feat, then the only way to remove it is via the Heightened Invocation 3 feat as well. (temporarily via nullify)

That requires someone of 9th Level to be able to do, which can be pretty severe

And, if that is the case than instead of the above suggeation, you need to word it to make it clear

This disease is permanent as per the Heightened Invocation 3: Bestow Bane, or another manner at the GM’s discretion.

because as it is worded now, it is compeltely up in the air. Can I resist at the end of my turn then like certain other banes? Does it go away after 1 hour? does it go away after 24 hours?

all those could be asked about it with the current wording.

Makes sense. I’ll make the adjustments, and remove the Heightened Invocation requirement, and use the “At the GM’s discretion, nullify/restoration may be used to remove this disease, though at a power level of 7+”.

Thanks for the help!

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If you look at what Heromuster does, you’ll see that the Primary stat (the one you already have) is conventionally listed first, and the Dependant stat (the one that benefits from the other stat) is listed after the arrow. Attribute Substitution (Presence > Might) indicates that you’re substituting your Presence for your Might.

The chronomage example in Chapter 1 also demonstrates this as the standard for displaying Attribute Substituation

Guard: 16 (Movement 5 via attribute substitution, Steelsilk Armor 1)

Feats: Boon Focus I (Aura), Lightning Reflexes I, Attribute Substitution I (Movement > Agility)

Wasn’t aware that the Primary stat is conventionally listed first; fixed.
Do you think I should add the sources for defenses in the brackets, or keep it as it is? I’ll add, of course, if any of the creatures wear armor, but none do so far.

I don’t always do that myself, and for creatures (NPC) the defenses are sometimes derived differently than straight from the stats depending on if you are using the Quick NPC build or not.

If it is a playable character, I tend to put where the defenses come from just so people can understand it better.

All of the defenses are derived from stats throughout the link, none are made up. HP for bosses is, though.


This is amazing and exactly what I was looking for. I was planning on doing this myself once I get a firm understanding of the rules. But great job so far.

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This is only the beginning, though; the currenr project news can be found on the “Open Legend Fantasy Bestiary Kickstarter” topic.
The playtest book (stats only) should be fully ready and come out by August by the latest! :slight_smile:

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Keep this going man. This is great work. Hugely useful!

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