Cyberpunk: Ice and Ice Breakers

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I’m thinking of ways to bring some of the concepts from the Android Netrunner card game into Open Legend. I’m curious about how to handle Ice and Ice Breakers. Would they be considered extraordinary items? Or would a runner consider their Ice Breaker a Boon and the Corporation consider their Ice as Boon?

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It would help if you described these items. Not everyone will be familiar with them.

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Oh yea, you’re right. Sorry about that. :slight_smile:

In Netrunner, the player playing the Runner plays Ice Breaker cards against the person playing the Corporation, who is playing Ice cards to protect their servers.

Ice Breakers cost the player credits and action phases to execute, and they need to meet or exceed the strength value of the Ice in order for them to work. When an Ice is broken, the player will either move on to the next piece of Ice, or access the server.

On the Corporation side, Ice costs the corporation credits to reveal (or rez as the game terminology says). If the Ice is not broken, the Ice can do things to the Runner such as cause them to lose money, end the run on the server, cause them net damage, or cause them physical damage.

Here is an example of an Ice Breaker card:

Here is an example of an Ice card:

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Ice and Ice Breakers from what i see, could be anything from extraordinary items, NPCs, boons or banes. It’s all about the way you think they are best incorporated in your game and setting.

That said, cards games in general might be a bit wonky to convert with high fidelity, so i recommend you to think outside the box for stuff like this. :wink:


Thanks for the advice. I was leaning towards using them as extraordinary items. Now I’ve got a lot of thinking to do. :grinning:


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It’s been a long time since I’ve played Netrunner, and I’m already a little rusty with Open Legend (although the new revisions are looking great!), but it strikes me that ice and icebreakers function as highly specialized summoned creatures, either directly attacking each other or feeding attack results back on their respective owners in the case of server breaches or meat/economic damage to a runner. The space these summoned beings interact within is cyberspace, so they shouldn’t be mapped on the same battle grid as the runner or corp. Treat the hardware or software to “summon” these creatures as the equipment, subject to normal resource rolls.

I guess ice “walls” could literally translate as summoned barriers, so that one’s pretty easy.

That’s actually quite helpful. I hadn’t thought about Ice and Ice Breakers being compared to summoned creatures, but it makes sense.

Thanks. :slight_smile: