Curses And Wealth Levels

As I’ve heard some discussion about it, I figured I would ask: Why do curses make extraordinary items more expensive? I’ve heard some argue it should have the reverse effect (not perfectly reverse mind you, but a reverse), so I thought I’d see if anyone has good reasons for curses to make items more expensive.

B/c you are making a weapon to use on someone else, hence the Curse. You aren’t making something with a drawback for the person using it that would lessen its value.

That’s what the Special Section is for.

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Wait, what? I thought the curse was applied to the person who HAS the item.

“Cursed (bane) - The wielder of this item is automatically afflicted with the indicated bane at the listed power level. The bane cannot be shaken off using the resist bane action. Furthermore, the cursed item cannot be unequipped unless the wielder is subject to the restoration boon at a power level high enough to dispel the bane.”

Doesn’t “weilder” mean the person who’s using it, I.E. not the person that it is being used against?

EDIT: Got clarification elsewhere, turns out I misunderstood you on more a semantic level. You were referring to making an enemy be the weilder, correct? I didn’t understand it as such the first time around.

Yes, I’d say he meant the creator of the item, not necessarily the wielder.

right, yes. So you make a cursed item to hurt someone else. That means the someone else will be wielding it, not you, is the idea.

Look at the example weapons with curses. It isn’t something you want to wear in most cases. Making an item that gives persistent damage will eventually kill someone, or keep them at 0HP at the very least.

Wealth Level: 1

This plain steel collar will choke the life out of anyone who wears it.

Properties: Cursed (Persistent Damage 2)

This would be nearly a free item that could completely take someone out if it decreased the WL.

That versus something like this item:

Which gives fatigue, but doesn’t constantly inflict it fatigue like cursed would, and thus lowers the WL as a drawback to using the item.

How much the drawback reduces is a hard thing to determine based on setting and what the item gives, thus there is not a mechanical means of determining the reduction in cost, rather you do it case-by-case with the item.

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