Crush Feat Idea

@TrinitysEnd put this up on the wiki, tossing the link here so discussion can happen here b/c don’t like the “talk/discussion” feature of the wiki.

Suggested rewording:

A Crushed target has the following effects:

  • Speed of 0 (Immobile)
  • Unable to make attacks utilizing more than 1 hand
    • Cannot gain Advantage from 2-Handed, or dual-wielding weapons
  • Unable to speak louder than a whisper
  • 1d8 damage at the start of each of the target’s turn
    • This damage has no effect on a target at 0 HP
    • This damage can be mitigated by effects such as the Resistance Boon
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That all seems fine. I mostly went with 1d10 to give it a bit more power and try to align it a bit more in strength to the Death Bane. However, rather than just straight killing after failed resists, the damage sticks to the character. The reasoning behind the lack of 2 hand use is that when being crushed, one limb would be unusable because like if a boulder, you can’t really reach one side very well. That said, I could see it also as unable to make attacks while crushed… The rest all sounds fair and just a rewording of what I had before.

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I never saw 1d10, maybe that was in the Discord chat part. What had been posted on the wiki was 1d8, so I had just used that.

And yeah, just diff layout. Might add an extra splurg in the Special Section that says something like “depending on the flavor of the effect, a target might be unable to reach to attack a target with a melee weapon, or unable to turn their head in order to see where some enemies and/or allies are.”

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Huh, maybe I did put it at 1d8… It was meant to be 1d10 because it balanced out with the other option of 2d4 that VanGo suggested in the discord. My bad! And yeah, I can add that to the special as well.

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Yeah, I don’t think diff between 1d8 and 1d10 is not too big, and 1d8 is what I used for PL6 disarm bane modification I did I think, so this doing 1d10 is probably fine.

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