Creature size and Area Attacks?

Hello! I’ve been planning a oneshot that is likely to have many characters in the large size category(Or larger!), and it got me thinking, specifically about this Area option:

“Cone. You target a cone that extends from your space to a length you designate. At any given point, the cone is as wide as its distance from you. Your attack suffers disadvantage 1 per 5’ of length of the cone, unless it’s 5’ long, which does not incur disadvantage.”

I realize that, no matter what, the beginning space should be 5’(As it’s the appropriate distance), but would it be possible(And more importantly balanced) to tie the starting width to character size?(E.g, a Large character/creature would have a beginning cone width of 10’)

I also realize this could quickly get out of hand, especially on longer cone attacks, perhaps there would be some way to balance this so it’s fair to PCs in smaller size categories? Maybe by imposing some sort of additional disadvantage on top of the normally imposed?

How would you go about this? And what are some other homebrew rules you might use in relation to larger characters?

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just b/c you take up more space doesn’t mean your magic/tech/etc takes up more space, it still has a starting point of origin, that is what the initial 5’ cube of the cone, just where it starts.

Don’t think you need to adjust anything for a larger creature.

At most, you could decide it starts at a more central part of the space the character takes up, as in the mouth (if breath weapon) isn’t at a certain edge. This would make it bigger once it first exits the character squares, but you are still incuring the disadvantage. If you are so large that a creature might be able to be in your space (between legs, etc, as makes sense), then this might be something you want to do. I’d still allow the character to have it start just outside their squares, but also choose to have it start within in this case.

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