Creature list (open discussion.)

A open creatures list if you have an idea for a monster put it in this list be it sci-fi or fantasy, minion or boss, and let the community help you balance it.

Ancient Dragon (Red)

description: a large winged beast, unlike most dragons ancient dragons have fur that covers their body, this dragons fur is a dark red.

Size: 120’ x 90’ (in description GM may determine in-game size probably 15x15 feet or 3x3 tiles)

wingspan: 450’

Level: 20

HP: 130

boss edge: 7

Guard: 28
Toughness: 25
Resolve: 24

Agility: 9
Might: 9
Energy: 10
Logic: 9
Perception: 10
Presence: 10
Influence: 8


Attack Specialization (fire) IX
Energy Resistance (fire) IV
Multi-Target Attack Specialist V


Persistent Damage (fire) PL 2-9
Immobile: Might vs. Guard (Grab)

Grand presence

Players gain either demoralized or awe struck (players choice) on first sighting the creature

awe struck

reduce resolve by 5

Demanding Aura (Influence vs resolve)

Major action, all players in a 5’ range gain a stack of demanding aura, for each stack gain disadvantage to all rolls,
there is max stack of 5 and only 1 stack is resisted at a time using the resist boon action. (using a minor action)


immune to the forced move, immobile, and knockdown banes made directly by the players.
( so a rogue can’t trip it, but someone can destroy a pillar so that it falls on the creature to inflict knockdown)

this very intelligent dragon will use advanced tactics, such as flying high above pray wale raining fire from a safe distance or otherwise keeping out of range of projectiles.

thanks to @Vrenshrrg for helping make this!

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I’ll just quickly sum up the things I don’t understand where you got them from:

What does this mean? There are no actual names related to size. How long is a side of the square this creature needs on a battlemap?

This seems a little excessive, as the suggested HP for a Level 20 Boss is 125 HP.

A Boss at Level 20 can have a Boss Edge up to 7.

These should be higher, as the suggested Defenses at Level 20 are 26-31. Calculating its Guard normally you’d already get 25.

Don’t be afraid to give it Agility 9 and Might 9, maybe sprinkle some Fortitude, Mental or additional Extraordinary Attributes on it if you want as dragons in other systems often make use of powerful magic beyond an elemental nature and can be wise beyond coprehension.

This is a Level 20 Boss after all.

The Feats seem fine, it could even use one or two more interesting ones in there like Bane Focus (Persistent Damage) or Potent Bane (Persistent Damage), maybe a Boon Focus (Barrier) to create puddles of Lava (Damaging Barriers) with its breath.

Overall I guess it could be slightly more powerful with a little less HP, making a fight shorter and more dangerous.
An interesting property could help it to stand out; maybe it inflicts a curse upon its slayer or has the ability to rise from its loot pile once when slain. Maybe it can use its fire breath and inflict the Demoralized Bane at the same time as it is a truly awesome force to behold.

A Level 20 Boss should be a really hard piece of work for a party consisting of four Level 10 Heroes, maybe a campaign Boss. Don’t be too afraid to overpower it a bit, when the time comes the Heroes to challenge it will be legends in their own right.

TL;DR: I think it should have less HP, be more powerful and have an interesting property or two if it is to remain a Level 20 Boss.


I mean 15x15 feet, will fix

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thank you will do, I didn’t expect it to be perfect I did it on my lunch brake and had to rush

fixed anything else?

Ah. While really unwieldy, there is no real reason to not have it actually require a 90x90 ft (18x18 tiles) square. That would just mean it also has a reach of 90 ft.

I like these! They make this creature unique and a real force to be reckoned with!
Does “for each stack disadvantage” mean Disadvantage to everything as the Demoralized Bane? In that case I’d let it be resisted as a Minor Action similar to the Demoralized Bane.

Btw, have you consulted the “Boss NPC Build” Table while making this?

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no, i just kind’ve just threw numbers out there where i thought they would be.

It’s a great resource! Once you are a little more experienced, building an adversary takes about a minute.

For Bosses and other important enemies I recommend the Complex Build though, where you create the NPC as if it was a PC with the Points of that Level and then manually adjust the HP and add interesting details that wouldn’t be supported by the rules normally.

can you provide a link please?

Chapter 8: Running the Game on the website.

Can go down to the “NPC Statistics” section.

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Thank you for telling me I thought I read all of the core rule book :disappointed:

Ancient Dragon (green)

description: a large winged beast, unlike most dragons ancient dragons have fur that covers their body, the ancient green dragon is small compared to other dragons and its size is more comparable to drakes, although their speed and relative strength more then makes up for their size.

Size: 10 x 17’

wingspan: 50’

Level: 20

HP: 100

boss edge: 9

Guard: 32
Toughness: 28
Resolve: 29

Agility: 10
Might: 9
Energy: 8
Logic: 7
Perception: 10
Presence: 10
Influence: 8


Attack Specialization (poison)
Attack Specialization (claws and teeth) VI
Energy Resistance (poison) IV
Combat Follow-through
Combat Momentum
Lethal Strike (VIII)


Persistent Damage (poison) PL 2-5
Immobile: Might vs. Guard (pin)


when out of combat the creature is considered invisible (pl 1) to all creatures without blindsight, if a player spots the creature the it is not considered invisible to that player

false retreat

the creature must use all its movement in the next turn plus its move Action this turn to move away from any enemies if no enemies are within 10’ of the creature then the creature is then hidden. when it makes a action against a creature all creatures in line of sight must make a roll (Agility vs Perception) to see if they are surprised (moving them to the bottom of Initiative for that turn)
(all creatures with blindsight automatically secede in the roll)


this dragon is a master at stealth preferring to ambush and poison pray and end fights quickly. in prolonged fights it prefers hit-and-run Tactics

You might have gone a bit overboard here with Feats, for example Attack Specialization (also, did you mean Attack Specialization with Energy Specialization?) is maybe too much not from a power standpoint but rather a practical one. A Boss already gets Advantage equal to their Boss Edge and Advantage 14 or 16 is neither practical nor much more powerful than Advantage 9. Higher Advantage gives diminishing returns, past 9 or 10 the probability for higher Rolls is virtually not increasing anymore.

I would advise heavily against putting Multi-Attack Specialist on a Boss NPC, even when only allowing it on the main turn, that still means the Boss gets up to 21 Attacks per round, even though they would have a heavy amount of Disadvantage. Even when calculating for a 0 on it when taking your Attack Specializations, that still gets them 16 poison Attacks at Advantage 2 against single targets per round. That is a bit too strong for one and also gets boring quite quickly for the players. Instead I would recommend Multi-Target Attack Specialist.

The classic Lethal Strike, Combat Momentum and Combat Follow-Through combination is quite fitting for the fighting style you laid out.

However, as before, I feel like you are missing that ummph that a Boss, especially one of that Level needs. An interesting quality or two are absolutely key to building any monster really but for a Boss I feel it’s very much necessary.

The very menacing Aura and Resolve debuffs previously fitted your red dragon Boss very well while not just doubling down on their one “rawr fire” theme. I suggest you try something similar here.

One idea I had is that the green dragon has some kind of great combat advantage (in the normal sense, not dice Advantage) such as increased Defenses or inability to get slowed down until an adversary could figure out a way around that (via an Attribute Roll of maybe a Mental nature to notice the missing scale or figure out that its very susceptible to one type of Attack), at which point the fight swings the other way.

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I completely forgot about that

I work on this in the limited time I have on breaks (because that’s when I have ideas) so its bound to have some flaws

thank you for pointing out my flaws

It is true that bosses get the advantage for boss edge, but you could explain that via the feat being so high, or just in the favored actions including that in the actions advantage.

Also, all the boss stuff is suggestions for balancing, so your creatures don’t have to follow it 100%. HOWEVER, you certainly will want to make a note of that, because if the creature is listed with Boss Edge X, people will potentially assume it has that advantage in addition unless otherwise noted.


a wolf like beast large enough to ride

Level: 8

HP: 40

Guard: 24
Toughness: 21
Resolve: 17

Agility: 6
Might: 8


Immobile: Might vs. Guard (pin)


lethal strike II
persistent damage (bleeding)

pack tactics

creature gets advantage 1 for each allied creature in 10’ to a max of 8

large ears

creature has advantage on perception checks the relay on herring

At first glance this seems pretty strong, especially if they are rideable. That is potentially 25 advantage, though that is an extreme example.

Also it seems a little incomplete with no feats listed, and any other favored attacks?

i’d suggest
superior bane focus (knock down), Skill specialization (perception),Attack specialization II(bite),Attack specialization II(Howl)
Favored Actions:
Bite applies knock down with one damage.
Howl: Demoralize Might vs Resolve. 30 ft cone Disadvantage III. A loud howl that makes those around it question its attacks.
Tear Flesh: Persistent damage Agility vs Guard. A quick attack at a vital location to cause bleeding

Maybe apply a max of 10 advantage to the ability Pack Tactics

husker drone

a large insectoid drone breed for building and gathering

level: 1

hp 8

guard: 14
toughness 13
resolve: 5

agility: 3
might: 1
perception: 2
movement: 5



hive mind

impassable to influence and read the minds of this creature