Creating Rules on Aerial Battle

I’m planing on hosting a fan-based game, which due to the original theme, there could be lots of combat that happens in the open air. I’m thinking of using story-telling based method to handle most of them, but I’d still like to have some options ready in my pocket.
One of the way I can think of is simply adding the third dimension (level of height) to the map, and that solves pretty much both range attack and extraordinary powers; however melee attack may be hindered (in the story melee strikers can find their ways to get involved, but maybe not staying in the same spot, in air combat, like using a booster or a jet pack.)

Is there any other ideas of how this could work, or how to make it better?

is your main question how to make aerial battle work/better for melee fighters?

That is one, since with a 3D map there are way more route to get through a melee striker without being OA,

I think it would be more of how the party can work together to help the melee fighters. Things like knockdown, or immobile (immobile should make them fall in some cases).

Maybe if the melee fighters have nets, or guns that shoot nets.

You mentioned jet packs, so I’m guessing modern/future setting?

Yes, the setting would be a future world where magic co-exist with high-tech, so I guess some personal anti-air assault rifle is possible, which does brings crafting items (Feat wise and system wise) more important and fun.
Thanks for the tip.