Crazy Weasel's Magic Item Thread

Hi Guys,

A few days ago, I posted on my blog about some Extraordinary Items, but I was really hoping that I could get some critiques on these so that I am sure that I am making them correctly, So if any of you could read over these and tell me if A.) I made them appropriatly, and B.) how to do it better in the future.

Thanks in advance,

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read them real quick, will try and take a more indepth look at them when I have some more free time.

Will have to look at it more, but the Assassin mirror thing, might be easier as Legendary Item that uses the Companion Tier III feat.

Seem like cool things, not sure on costs, like I said, will look at it more later, unless others do so by the time I sit down to do it.

Thank You,

I thought about making it a legendary item; good to know that I was in the right thought process. :smile:

So, while I stew on the means of crafting extraordinary magic items with power levels, I drafted up some more magic items to be used in a campaign. I would appreciate some feedback on these if anyone gets the time. Thanks, :grinning:

Sorry, I haven’t posted stuff here in a while, but I have been busy with school. Here are some Lord of the Rings themed Items I made.

Yet again, More magic items that I drafted. Thanks to @Great_Moustache for the discussion of Sentient vs. Intelligent Items. The Sentient Hat in this post does actually speak to its wielder.

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