Craft Extraordinary Item question

If a player is making a character thats essentially a robot, could he use the craft Extraordinary item (logic) to upgrade his character with boons or should that still be limited to gaining access via attribute selection?
As an example, could he upgrade himself to use the haste Boon or should he just spend his points on alteration to gain that ability?
Realistically, from a game mechanics perspective, both ways would work. And both ways are allowed in the system.
I feel that both ways are relatively balanced mechanically. While he could just make new abilities for himself, they won’t gain power with the character. Where as with attribute selection, he would have the abilities he wants AND they would upgrade with him.

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He could do it either way honestly.

The system is more designed that the feats, attributes, perks, flaws that you choose define your character and how the grow, etc, including heritage/race/etc.

The problem with craft Extraordinary item is time. It will take literal days to craft items on himself that he can use. Attributes and feats are available right away.

Now, on the off chance you were wondering about them being a character that gets XP and attribute points to begin with, then yes, that is what they are first are foremost.

Boons are great ways to represent various upgrades or enhancements to their robotic build. They reroute power so they now have greater speed and more actions (haste boon). They send electrical pulses racing through their body to help avoid blows and deflect them (resistance boon) etc etc.

The could craft a belt of haste, that can essentially do the same thing, however that is going to take several days and having the materials ready.

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