Couple of Questions Regarding Extraordinary Equipment

Could use a little help here. :blush:

The Plasma Blade has the following properties

Baneful (Disarmed), Damage (Energy), Deadly 1, Weapon (Katana), Special

So, it inherits all of the properties from the Katana (forceful and precise) and it can inflict an alternate type of damage according to the Damage (type) property (detailed below).

Damage (type) - When making a damaging attack with this item, you may choose to have it inflict damage of the listed type in lieu of the type it would otherwise deal. This property can only be applied to an item once. The damage types are: precise, forceful, fire, cold, lightning, acid, influence, and entropy, though a GM may allow or create other types.

So, my 2 questions are:

  1. Is Damage (energy) a typo? Wouldn’t it need to specify the actual damage type it’s inflicting?

  2. A player delivers an exceptional hit and places a free bane with a weapon using a different Damage (type). My question is, according to the rules, can the player use the attribute from the Damage (type) to meet the prerequisites for the bane she wishes to place for free?
    For example a Precise weapon that can deal Damage Type (Entropy) - could the player place the Fatigue bane (Entropy 5 prereq) on exceptional hits?

Big thx to anyone that can help me out here :pray:

I don’t believe so; I think it’s saying it’s doing energy damage, not using Energy to deal damage. It’s specifying energy as the kind of damage not Energy the attribute. This falls under the GM allowing other types, though I agree that it is a little confusing.

According to the rules, no. The damage type only matters for resistances, it doesn’t allow you to meet Bane prerequisites though your GM may allow it if it makes sense.


Right on. Thx for clearing that up :grinning: