Consumable (Grenades) loot spawn list

I am working on a loot list for a certain module. I have some grenades finished, but I plan on adding more grenades and other consumable items in the future. (I can continue to share if someone is interested)
If you are want to use these items. Or if someone wants to add a few or all of them to the wiki. If I made some mistake and you want to say something. Feel free. :}

As the Players are exploring, a portion of their loot will consist of consumable items such as grenades. While they may be able to figure out that they are holding an explosive, they might be less aware of what exactly that explosive does.

Sort of like an ongoing puzzle… and also a bit of a gamble.
The only information they will receive is the ‘Label’ and the physical ‘Description’ of the grenade. They will have to try the explosive out, and keep track of the ‘Labels’ in order to know if they want to throw a ‘401’ grenade into the enemy formation or a ‘554’ grenade.

It will be a bit of a paperwork issue, but I hope it won’t be too burdensome :?

Consumable grenade list incomplete.doc (48 KB)

Interesting, I thought I could just edit the original post… oh well.
Here is the full list of the first 100 items. Added trap making components, and dart ammunition.
Consumable d100.doc (109 KB)

having it as a downloadable works, but less people will likely look at it b/c of being wary of downloading a file.

I might suggest using something like google documents to post it, then you can have a share link that people can comment on it if you so like. Then it will be easier for you to make updates to it as well.