Companion perks/flaws

Do you think companion feat should allow to pick pets’ perks/ flaws? In my opinion it gives another layer of flavor to your companions. Should be there any limitation in order to prevent exploiting this rule?

It’s like almost everything in OL, it’s up to the GM.

I recommend letting a player choose Perks and Flaws for their Companion if they want, it almost always adds to the story.

If you feel like they merely took the Companion to exploit Perks and getting Legend Points for Flaws, just talk to the player about it. Perks and Flaws are almost never so strong that they warrant exploitation by spending Feat Points though, so it’s rarely even a problem.

You might want to have the Legend Point limit on a PC extend to their Companion if you feel that’s a problem, so they both can only have ten Legend Points combined at a time. Wether that is a shared pool or Legend Points are seperated, that’s up to you as the GM. I found that is rarely an issue though, I’d go by Legend points per player rather than character.


You could maybe consider giving the companion 1 perk and 1 flaw if you want to limit them, but I don’t see why you shouldn’t do this as long as the GM keeps an eye for exploitative behaviour.

RAW, the only thing that wouldn’t quite work with this is spending Legend points. Companions don’t have a level, so they would be limited to 1 Legend point (level+1) per roll. @Vrenshrrg’s suggestion to limit Legend points per player is also a good one; I would definitely keep the pool split but with a combined cap to prevent a player potentially using their companion to get Legend points for their main character, who has a higher spend-cap.

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Where did you get the maximum for Legend Points of level+1 @SamWilby? Is that one of your house rules?

By RAW it’s 10 per “Character” as explained in Chapter 2:

Characters begin play with zero legend points, and the maximum they may acquire is 10.

Nevermind reading a paragraph further helps a lot:

A PC may spend a maximum number of legend points equal to their level plus one in order to enhance a single action roll.
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There you go, you found it :wink:

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