Companion Ability Score Cap

I must be missing it. Where does it indicate the max attribute rank for a companion of any tier?
Or is there no cap meaning my level 1 character could drop all attribute points for companion into a single stat for one greater than 5 at creation?

Since companions are for all intensions and purposes a player character, they defualt to using the same rules as any “main” character other than the ones that are explicitly different in the feat’s description.

Because companions do not have levels of their own as “main” characters do, however, one could argue they don’t have any strict limitations in that particular sense.

Still, I belive that in the way the feat is intended and in the spirit of the system, you shouldn’t allow a Companion to do anything that is outrageously out of the “main” character’s reach, and someone aiming for that particular interaction when picking this feat may not have RP or character building as their main priority.

(PS: I put quotation marks in “main character” because a companion can be just as capable of interesting RP :slightly_smiling_face:)

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It’s what I was thinking, but it does seem weird to allow the beast to be as strong as the master. But then you have certain cases where you need the beast to be stronger than the master.

For example, you may have a Behemoth mount. Visually, it’s impressive. Narratively, it’s powerful. Concept wise, you are wanting a companion that is stronger than you are (pokemon example). In such cases, putting limits on it when there are enough points to make it possible anyway seems odd. However, it quickly illustrates a way in which players could bypass the cap in a way.

Companions don’t have levels, and therefore don’t have level caps.

In fact, each time you level up, you can change and rearrange the attributes for your Companion. What keeps this in check is GM. GM can tell you a max Attribute for your Companion as it makes sense.

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