Commercial Terms Link broken

The link in the section ‘Share the Legend’ on the main page is broken, you only get to an empty site.

The link is , is this supposed to link to ? For my understanding these are two separate things.

I found this because my friend and started playing one of the Amaurea’s Dawn adventures and as we now have to do this over Internet due to the current pandemic we thought why not steam it anyway. However we are not exactly sure on the legal parts, for example can images from the books be used during the steam/video? What about the short stories, can they be read by the DM as they add a lot to the atmosphere and background? Fair use policies are different in every country and we would just like to go sure on this.

Thanks in advance.


Commercial terms wouldn’t be what you’d need, that has to do with a website selling things usually. Community license would be closer. The website is having an overhaul that will allow many links to be fixed and corrected soon (upon taking things over some things like the website were not so easily modified).

Open Legend encourages streaming of ‘actual play’. As long as you are not wholesale showing every single image, and reading every single short story you should be fine. The focus is your own story being created as you interact with the world. If you were only displaying images and only reading stories, that would be a problem.

For your intended use, streaming your game as you play, occasionally reading a short story out loud, displaying an image to give background/atmosphere to a scene/moment, you are fine.

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