[Closed] One-Shot Fantasy

(UPDATE 11/5/17: Sadly, it looks like my two remaining players are a bit less certain, so I’ll wind this up here.)

Greetings, all! I posted over here about how I’m aiming to run a one-shot Open Legend RPG session over the Webs on June 30th US/July 1st Aus. I originally had three players on board and was hoping that the mighty Ryan Schapals could tag someone in from Hyper RPG; while we didn’t have any luck he suggested posting in this community and asking whether one of you fine folks re. representing OL/HyperRPG!

The session time (4 hours) will be:

  • Fri June 30th US - 2PM PST
  • Fri June 30th UK - 10PM
  • Sat July 1st Aus - 7AM EST

I’m planning to run it via Discord and/or Roll20; it may be recorded for podcasty/promotional purposes.

Setting and scenario will be mae up by us beforehand and will most likely be quite silly; as you’ll be taking Hyper RPG’s spot, you will be playing a Ranger.


modified your title to better reflect, and so you can change the title when the spot is filled to [Closed 1/1]

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Im interested, but that’s a lttile too far into the future for me to plan (or to be have planned, rather). I’d love to know what “taking HyperRPG’s spot. you will be playing a Ranger” fully entails and if its what i think it is, i hope not to scare any subs/donors with my voice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: