[CLOSED] Looking for one more player for Chrono Trigger based campaign in progress (again)

For unknown reasons we have completely lost contact with Frank for a couple of weeks now. Since we don’t know if/when he’ll return, we’re looking for another player. (if he returns after finding a new player, I’ll expand the party size)

You will be traveling through different time periods with each their own creatures, architecture and politics (or lack there of), all with the purpose of finding a way to deal with a great evil.

Character creation
Starting Level : 4 (9xp)
Starting Equipment : 3 items of up to WL 3, anything from the core rules goes. Custom items can be requested.
2 special powers to be decided after character creation.
Alignment : Be a team player.
There are no other limitations to character creation.

Planned session time : Tuesdays, Bi-weekly, starting at 19:30 CEST (17:30 GMT) and will last till about 22:00-22:30 CEST.
Next session is planned for the 6th of may.

Chrono Trigger - The story so far

The year is 1000 A.G.
The kingdom of Guardia is celebrating this thousand year aniversary with the Millenial Fair.
A fair that has humans and demi-humans (monster-like humanoids) coming over from all over the world.
Martial artitst will be showing off their skills, blacksmiths their weapons,
and scientists their mechanical contraptions. The most famous scientist Lucca
will be showing off her latest invention, the telepad, in a live demonstration.
What could possibly go wrong ?

Our group of adventurers, led by the capable though ditzy medic Frankie (Player : Frank) , was tagging along with a girl named Marle. An accident during the demonstration sent the group 400 years in the past where they met up with an ally named M-IV (player : Vector), a robot created by future Lucca and sent back to the past to help the adventurers. Of course their sudden visit to the past messed with the timeline, causing Marle (who turns out to be the princess of the year 1000) to disappear and requiring the group to save the queen from clutches of Yakra, a general of the mystics who are at war with the humans during this time period.

After their victory, the adventurers managed to get back to their own time with a little help from Lucca, who has now found a way to open existing time portals all over the world. Their victory is short lived however, because soon after they return to their time, they are arrested by the chancellor and some guards for kidnapping the princess, and after a less than fair trial, sentenced to death.

Naroo (Player : Lithimlin), the son of the royal army’s instructor, sensed something wasn’t quite right about the whole situation and decided to break the group out of prison. Along with Scragg (Player : DefinitelyNotASandwich), a rodent-like mystic with an affinity for magic (and a technology-skeptic), who was also given a death penalty because he was mistaken for a spy. Searching for a way to escape, they came across another time portal. Deciding anything is better than the death penalty, they took the risk and jumped through.

Our group of adventurers (M-IV, Scragg, Naroo and Frankie), while alive, have arrived in a time where the world is anything but. This is the future. Plants are dead, robots have taken over and what remains of the humans is hiding underground, barely staying alive with what little technology is still working. While searching for another portal to take them back home, they come across a large computer where they learn that this destruction was caused by a gigantic creature “Lavos”. Determined to take care of this problem, they continue their search for the next portal, hoping they can find some more information on this creature.

Turns out all their time traveling has gathered some attention from some higher-ups. And instead of taking them to another timeline, the portal takes the adventurers to the end of time, where they are greeted by an old man who wanted to know more about the recent disturbances in the timelines. He took a liking to the adventurers and decided to help them out a little, hoping they would in turn come to visit him more often to keep him company (and bring him cookies). Additionally a creature named Spekkio (!!!MASTER OF WAR!!!) helps out too by teaching our adventurers a little more about magic and takes Scragg under his wing as an apprentice.

Finally back in their own time again, things seem to have calmed down and the chancellor isn’t showing a lot of activity. Our group decides to do some digging and after a few weeks of detective work, they find out that the chancellor is actually a mystic from the Yakra family line who despite the war being over, decided he would still find a way to take revenge on the humans for killing one of his ancestors. They also find out about a person named Magus, a leader of the mystics in the war 400 years ago, who supposedly had something to do with the creation of Lavos. After taking care of the fake chancellor (and not in the nice way), Naroo is promoted to chancellor, and the group, now tasked with finding out more about Lavos, decide to give Magus a visit.

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Id like to join i don’t have a character yet since i have an idea just don’t know if it would fit into the setting if there is a way i could talk to ya that would be awesome but if i cant its fine.

i’m 16 and i have 2 years experience in role playing

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You can message me on Discord (Arisu#7681)

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Unfortunately we’ll be losing Lithimlin to his bachelor’s thesis soon ™, so we’re looking for another player to fill his boots.

Outdated, look here for the updated one : [CLOSED] Looking for one more player for Chrono Trigger based campaign in progress (Updated)