[Closed] Dark Chest of Wonders [18+ Players / Dark Fantasy ] (Expierienced RPG DM Looking for Players)

Dark Chest of Wonders

Looking for 5 players [4/5]

  • No Open Legend experiences needed
  • RPG experience preferred
  • 18 + Players

Time and Date of Games

  • 18:00 to 22:00 Eastern Times
  •   Monday
  • Bi-Weekly (One week on, One Week Off)

Language of use: English
Method of Play: Roll20 (Online)
Method of Communication: Discord
Video? No

Genre: Dark Fantasy
Era / Technology: Late Middle Ages
Character Starting Level: Level 1 / 0 XP

Possible MATURE subjects presents:

  • Suicide
  • Rape/sexual assault
  • Dark Ritual/Magic
  • Occultism
  • Mind Control
  • Grey Zones of Morality
  • Human Experimentation

Main premise:

The Academia of Mages have been waiting for the transfer of a legendary artifact from the neighboring kingdom. However, many weeks have passed since the delivery was do, and they are impatient… Problem is, it is said that a sickness came across the land which annihilated more than half the population of this neighboring kingdom. Many say it was an answer from the Gods for humanoids playing with their work for too long. Regardless of the thought, the Academia is requesting people to get in that disease infested place and retrieve the artifact. They are looking for people willing to bend the lines of law and morality to get this artifact.

How to contact me:

Discord - Rain of the Night#2911
I am in the Open Legend Discord

Darn you, timezones!

We just need one more person!

Would love to join you but I’m curious to know if your time slot has any flexibility. 18:00 for you guys is an hour before I get off of work.