[Closed] A New Genre for Open Legend: Candy RPG

Candy RPG

In a world made of sugar, a few certain pieces of candy have come together to unwrap its mysteries.
What dark and bitter forces are at work here? What sits atop the Cinnamon Ridges? What is a Bufflegum?!

Find out on:

[details=Friday, May 5, 2017]* 6:30 Pacific Time

  • 7:30 Mountain Time
  • 8:30 Central Time
  • 9:30 Eastern Time

We are looking for 3 more players. Please message me directly if you’re interested in joining.
We will be using Roll20 with the Open Legend RPG System, and Discord for voice chat.


is this on going, or a one shot, or two shot, etc?

As in, what sort of thing are people committing to (frequency, every Friday going forward, etc)?


We’ve only had Session 0 so far and, as of now, we’ll be playing every other Friday. I have 12 sessions (approximately 2 - 3 hours each) worth of content ready to be played!

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I would be interested, im from europe and i dont have any plans in friday’s. Still new to this sistem so i would like to learn it a bit more. And i miss some pen&paper campaigns.

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