Clarifying phantasm

I was wondering how people are ruling the ‘touch’ element of phantasm. You could take this as being able to summon a clone that could potentially attack, or similar to the 5e spell phantom steed even summon mounts. If the illusions feel solid, are they then able to manipulate objects? Wondering how people are ruling this.

dependently I would let it. invisible servant spell why not.

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I would personally say that it merely mimics physical sensation without being physical, with attacks dealing “phantom” damage that feels real but doesn’t count outside of being psychological (such as maybe being able to invoke Incapacitated on someone whose been damaged enough both for real and by Phantasms that it would be 0 if it was all counted, or simply being able to make aomeone hurt without actually causing bodily harm), unless flavoured in a way that makes physicality make sense.

But, I would also say that what I just said is what I’d bind myself to as a player, and if I were GM, I’d allow some true physicality if it were sufficiently fun, interesting, or otherwise able to enhance the time spent playing the game.


i you were wanting to do the unseen servant, I would just do that as the Telekensis Boon and flavor/fluff it as an unseen servant.

Phantom steed… probably just summon creature boon would work, and again flavor/fluff

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Thanks, that does seem the best way to go about it!

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