Character Sheet on Google Sheets

Hey Folks,

I put together a configurable character sheet on Google Sheets. I love the HeroMuser tool, and this isn’t meant to compete with that in any way, but rather is just another option. My players love having spreadsheets for their characters (go figure), so I created this:

Open Legend (Google) Character Sheet

I’d love to get your feedback and suggestions - especially if you think I missed anything. Make a copy to make changes and fill in with your character details.


Umm, all i see the Hero Muster’s Character sheet, i belive you copy pasted the wrong link or something…

Whoops! Sorry, I fixed it.

Awesome, thanks @Shashi!
Presence is misspelled :wink:

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Good catch @Brycelor ! Fixed.

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Looks great! I’m starting a new Open Legend game at the end of the month and will try this character sheet out.


No offense taken (re: HeroMuster); everyone’s got a preference and the more good options there are to meet those needs the better for the community as a whole.

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This looks great, nice work!

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Thanks everyone. Glad I wasn’t wildly off. Still converting my campaign from Fantasy AGE to OL, so haven’t yet run a game session yet. Don’t hesitate to let me know if there are any features you would want added to the sheet.

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Looks awesome! It formats well on mobile which is great. One thing I noticed however, increasing or decreasing XP isn’t seeming to change level, feat point, or ability point.

Chapter 8 “Every XP that players receive grants them 1 feat point and 3 attribute points, and every 3 XP results in a new level.”

@Jer , that’s a super good point.

So I opted to base attribute and feat points on level instead of XP. Yes, that’s not quite what the rules say, but XP tends to be something that GMs like to have more leeway with. Some like to use big numbers (especially coming from other systems), some will use the 3 xp=1 level rule.

I also noticed that Brian’s own example character sheets don’t even have a spot for XP, also calculating all attributes and feats based on level (which is actually where I “borrowed” the formulas - thanks @brianfeister).

But having said that, I’m happy to update the sheet if the community feels strongly either way.


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ps - on mobile, it even looks better if you download and use the google sheets app.

HA! “Borrowed” indeed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve fixed one of my pre-gen character sheets (Volkor), now just need to wait about a year before I find time to copy the formula changes the to other 30 sheets (10 characters, 3 sheets in each) and we’ll be good to go.

Just going to throw it out there that this is a task which could be offloaded fairly easily if you want it done sooner.

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I’ll see if @Hassurunous wants to do it - he already has edit permissions on those sheets, though you’re welcome to tag team it if you want to help him out @Carl, just DM me your Google account email address (doesn’t have to be Gmail, just a Google account)

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I’ll hop on it at lunch today. Shouldn’t take too long to fix if you’ve already fixed one of them. :thumbsup:

Ok, so is the general consensus that I should make this change to my sheet as well? It seems that that the direction the winds are blowing.

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My vote is make the change. I recognize that some GMs want to house rule the xp, but that is house ruling.

I was messing with this sheet last night and bumped into an error with the defense stats? When I entered all of my attributes the sheet calculated my guard, toughness, and resolve to all be “4”. Did I do something wrong?

@geekalogian - can you share the sheet you have that gave you this error?