Character Improv Prompts: Reconstructed

Many tales tell of man creating life.

From Mary Shelly’s Modern Prometheus to tales of golems cast from clay and holy symbol to A.I.s more human than the humans who had made them.

But, are they alive? Can they die? Or do they just… turn off? And what happens when they are flicked back on?

That is your question for this round. This challenge will ask for two sheets, a before and after.

Seven levels, show us your golem, your android, your own manmade man as they were in “life”.

Kill, or “kill”, them as you see fit.

Seven levels, show how being pieced together again changes them, how the monster feels to have lightning course through it’s veins again, how the clay, now so old, stands once again, how the echoes of glitching subroutines keep the steel exoskeleton shambling along.

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Hiki-B, the Resounding Echo

Hiki-B, the Broken Echo

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