Character Improv Prompts: Bigtop Blowout!

Welcome back to the circus everybody! It’s been a while now, so, let’s go for a level 3, keep things essy for everybody.

The ringmaster’s looking for new hires! Got a clown in mind? Or a Houdini wannabe possibly? Snake charmers and lion tamers are also welcome to apply! Contortionists and bee bearders everywhere, now is your chance!

But, of course, maybe you’re different. Maybe your talents are a show beyond the standard rabble. How will you impress the ringmaster? What have you to give to the circus?

How will you make your three levels worth admission?

Remember to heart those you feel might have a place in the bigtop as well, after all, it’s whoever can get the most that gets to be on the next poster!

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