Chaotic Good playing Open Legend on Roll20

We’re a high energy Actual Play team that has recently transitioned from Pathfinder to Open Legend RPG.

The entire team is just loving OL and we hope our passion shows in our broadcast :slight_smile:


Nice, though you made the link an embedded playable, except it is not allowed to be playable. Might just make it a straight link (or maybe something auto made it an embedded?).

Will check it out though!

I’m guessing season 2 is the start of using Open Legend?

Here is the youtube link for the First episode for those that want to start there:

Episode 1

(btw, after doing that, it looks like the tech behind discourse auto turns it into an embedded link, doing it with: [Text Title](link) makes it work as a clickable.)

Tried finding your twitch channel to link, but searches didn’t bring anything up :frowning:


Looks like it was a setting on the video that wasn’t allowing it to be embedded. Got that straightened out :grinning:

Thx for the pro tips with the links :+1:t2:


hey, you got a link to the Twitch Channel @Nizuul ?


Chaotic Good YouTube Channel

Sure! here ya go :blush:


Enjoying the first episode @Nizuul . I did notice something when all of you were rolling Initative. You either rolled using roll20 syntax or hitting agility.

If you actually roll with “Speed”, by clicking on that word, it will do initiative for you, AND auto add it to the roll20 Turn Order list IF you have your token selected when you click on speed.

I’m probably going to create a separate button since a lot of people miss this even with the text saying so under “Speed”. But not sure how soon I’ll get to it. Wanted to let you know that, though seeing how you use initiative, it might not matter for you guys. Though it still creates a different chat output to make it clear it was your Initiative roll.


NIce! I’ll check that out next time I’m on. So, did you create those Roll20 character sheets? They’re awesome!


Definitely check out Chaotic Good! They are a lot of fun and awesome people!

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