Changing the content of the feat

I play some kind of dead knight character. I have entropy 5, so I can use life drain Boon. My question is, I want to specialize in this subject by taking the bane focus feature, but I do not want a feature such as throwing it to more than one person. How many points do you think this feature will be worth if we remove the advantage parts?

Boon Focus, not bane focus on this, but the answer is, no change.

I wouldn’t modify the cost, as that is just one feature.

Part of OL is the ability to do limitation, whether that is world limitiations (to the setting, and how the world works, potentially how magic or tech works to maybe not allow something to self-limiting, like you are considering).

In OL, just b/c you have access to something doesn’t mean it makes sense that your character should actually have it. You don’t get any additional feat points, or attribute points b/c you do this, that would be a way to “game the system”.

Each tier has a clear benefit to single targetting, which is actually the focus of the boon more so. The advantage is also given if you happen to multi-target, but either way, they are what you get for the boon. For the cost, and what you get, dividing the feat up just make sense, and opens up a whole horde of other potential problems by doing it to other feats.

I’m sorry I wrote it wrong
I use entropy almost exclusively for life drain. It doesn’t fit the concept of the character. The character is some kind of death knight. He never used anything else during the fights. I don’t want to use features that don’t fit the character anyway. I only use this feature before a fight and DM wants me to use DC 22 will to use it without harming me. I’m not asking if it makes sense to reduce the entropy score, anyway I wanted to ask if using the boon focus feat by limiting it a little more will reduce its score.

Your clarification didn’t change anything from what I said.

I didn’t mention anything about changing your Entropy score, I was talking about the Feat, reducing the cost of the feat, and that no, you shouldn’t reduce the feat cost even if you are not accessing the advantage 2 when doing multi-targeting.

Now, if your goal is to get more Feat Points, then ignore this, as this will actually spend more.

BUT, if you want to do something about Entropy ONLY being used for the Life Drain Boon.

  1. You can look at the Boon Access Feat (or the modified one: here )

  2. You can look at Attribute Substitution 2 Feat

Both of the above options would allow you to drop your Attribute Points spent in Entropy and put them elsewhere for your character.

NOW, a Third option that would allow you to not spend anymore feat points is talking to your GM about having an item that gives you access to Life Drain. This would only cost WL 2 to have.

So say a Ring of Invigorating Energy. You would still have to roll to invoke the Boon on yourself, and sustain in with a Minor action, but it would allow you to not spend any points in Entropy.

You might be able to talk your GM into having it be Reliable, but limited to only being invoked on the wearer to drop it from WL 4 to WL 3 and then you would not need to roll for LIfe Drain, only Sustain the boon with a Minor Action each round.

I only use this feature before a fight and DM wants me to use DC 22 will to use it without harming me

I’m not sure why your DM is having you roll a DC 22 Will to not be harmed? Is this b/c you are doing it a long time before any fights, so you are needing to sustain the LIfe Drain boon over several hours?