Changing of the Guard

Hail fellow adventurers, steampunk pirate captains, and intergalactic smugglers, I’ve come to know fondly as the #OpenLegion!

Many of you have probably wondered about the fate of Open Legend…
Is it dead?
But the store still works, right?
Why is that?

Great questions, let’s talk about those and others.

3 years ago, about my 7 months after the Kickstarter was wrapped up, I was right in the thick of things writing both the Amaurea’s Dawn Campaign Setting and also the Open Legend Core Rules book. At that time, I had been working probably about 18 hours a day, 7 days a week for a number of years. I had a momentous “crash” and, if I’m being honest, a near miss with a mental breakdown. I’m grateful that I didn’t have a full-on breakdown.

As is often the way when we realize there is something out of alignment in our lives, I sat for a long time in a kind of shell-shocked state and began to ponder my life and the meaning of my choices. After some time, I realized that I had become a workaholic. Open Legend was my 10th business venture. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have started it, and it will always hold a special place in my heart, since it was my brainchild that was met with far more enthusiasm and success of any of my previous mad science experiments as an entrepreneur.

Despite my love for it, I realized that my life had become severely out of balance and Open Legend (as well as other business ventures) had become an escapist means of coping with a life that was deeply painful and void of meaning outside the project itself. Since I was 13, it was Dungeons & Dragons for 20 years and then Open Legend for 7. I know the world is full of pain and I’m not the only one out there who has been helped by Open Legend to create a safe space when sometimes life does not live up to the great dreams and aspirations that we cradle secretly in our hearts. We live out those secret longings in our hearts, and role-playing games are among the best ways to express that. I personally have felt led to move my “adventures” to things that I can feel and touch in real life – rocks, trees, rivers. I spend most of my time outside these days, in the mountains hiking, backpacking, skiing, etc. My heart has been stolen away by these things.

I’ve long hoped for the opportunity to “set the little Open Legend bird free” and entrust it to a better caretaker. For legal reasons, this has only become possible recently. When that option opened up, I knew immediately the person whom I would like to take over as captain of this whacky crazy ship. “Great Moustache” as many of you know him (Jonathan Potter to the rare few who know his no-longer-secret-identity as of this moment) has been an incredible steward of this whole project in my absence. I know that he cares more about it than anyone else involved. I encourage all of you to support him and help him as he learns the ropes (I’ll be helping him behind the scenes as well).

To those who have felt the pain of my poor communication, slow response to emails, and lack of motivation in delivering the content that was promised by the Kickstarter, I promise you that things are about to change in the most wonderful way imaginable.

Please accept my apologies, all who have been affected by my struggle in and through all of this. I know that I’ve let you down. It was never my heart to do that, but I alone am responsible for the ways the company (Seventh Sphere is the owner of Open Legend, technically) has let down her customers. I trust that Jonathan will do infinitely better than I have done and that the company is coming into the bright new future that I’ve always hoped for it, but not had the heart to deliver on.

If you’ve seen the Netflix series “Godless”, I feel it does a decent job of telling my story. “A man who got away clean” is something you might say of the main character and the catharsis he experiences as he rides off into the sunset and away from the darkness of his past.

I hope all of you can forgive me and wish me well on my journey as I ride off into the sunset of the Wild West. Jonathan will take great care of you in my absence and will help address the remaining things that I’ve left undone.

Catch you later on down the trail folks :wave:


Hail Adventurers, Legends, and #OpenLegion

I am Great Moustache (on Discord, and @Great_Moustache twitter), and some of you may have already seen me around. I’ve been involved with Open Legend RPG since finding out about it at the start of the kickstarter campaign. I became involved with the “Admin” team after making the Roll20 Character Sheet, which was a group that served as a sound board for Brian as the rules were being finalized, as well as the creation of a few additional boons, banes, feats, etc. The “Admin” team assisted with some proof-reading, feedback, and editing with the Core Rules as well as some of the setting material. I also got the pleasure of going to GenCon and assisting with and even Game Mastering a playtest of setting material. I have since written a few ideas on additional rules content (feats, boons, banes, etc) and made a few videos.

I have been a huge fan of the Open Legend RPG system, and when the opportunity came to help keep it going, I was quick to jump. This is no small undertaking, however. I recognize the work it is going to take, and I don’t plan to rush anything out the door nor make any sweeping changes. I love this community, and I want to work with it to help make great content and reach more people.

I do not have a time table for things yet, as I will be spending some time going over the current state of Open Legend RPG, and the responsibilities I need to attend to. I also have some learning and educating that I am planning to do in order to be the best I can be for this community. My first focuses will be the following, not necessarily in order:

  • Getting the website and GitHub updated where needed

  • Getting an up-to-date and usable SRD put out and available

  • Working on the original Kickstarter Stretch goals

  • Renewing Marketing/Advertising

  • Communicating with the Community

I look forward to seeing the Open Legend RPG system and community grow, and I hope you will join me in this excitement. I ask that you give me some time as the process of transferring ownership is not always immediate, and I will need to see exactly where things are, and what I am able to do first.

Excitedly Yours,

Jonathan “Great Moustache” Potter


@Great_Moustache Congratulations, man! I can’t think of a better candidate to take over than you!


@Great_Moustache Congratulations and good to your efforts.


Congratulations, Jonathan! You’ve had such an big impact as a mod, community member, and friend. Open Legend is in great hands! I couldn’t think of a better candidate to take over for Brian. So excited to see what comes next!


I can think of no better person to take on this mantle! I look forward to seeing the future of OL through with you and everyone else!


Brian, thank you for bringing OL to the masses. Great_Moustache is a brilliant choice to take the reins.


This will only be amazing for everyone in the community, and for Brian as well!

A huge congratulations and I can’t wait to continue to be part of this community! :partying_face:

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Congratulations @Great_Moustache. And good luck @brianfeister on your future endeavors. I’m sure you’ll still be checking in from time to time to see how things go, but I’m positive that you’ve left this RPG system and its community in very safe hands.


I respect this decision. Moreover it is fantastic news! I recall when I first started hacking around with Open Legend @Great_Moustache was so helpful and knowledgeable I thought he was Seventh Sphere staff.


This is great news! Congratulations, @Great_Moustache! :smiley:
I am excited to see what comes next for this awesome RPG!


@Great_Moustache congratulations. Let me know what we can do to help! :slight_smile:


@brianfeister Many blessings my brother on your journey and thank you for bringing this system and community to life! And we aren’t losing you its just a changing of the guard and I can’t think of anyone better than @Great_Moustache to take over helming the ship very excited for the path ahead!


congrats and I wish you the best.


I love Open Legend and am super excited about the news! Go Great Mustache!


Great to hear! Best of luck!



Can’t think of a better person to take control of this project.

Let us know if there is a way we can help monetarily, we all know projects like this need some funding to progress. Maybe patreon or A new kickstater to revitalize the project and bring it back in to the spot light. The open legend fan base is a dedicated one and I would support a revival campaign of sorts.

Really excited to see this news and see what is comeing to open legend in the next few years.


Congratz!! This was well deserved. Hope to see great things to come.

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