Changes to Boon Focus feat

So, I’m running a game and a player wants to take the Boon access feat to be able to do RESISTANCE as a bonus action. The character is only capable of using the Boon on himself. So realistically half of the benefits you get with the feat are useless for that character. Would it be fair to say he can buy the feat for 2 points as opposed to the 3?

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Your question is confusingly worded, and uses a few different terms that I’m not sure are the correct ones, so first I’m going to take my best guess as to what you mean and answer that, and if I’m wrong you can correct me and I’ll answer your real question.

My guess at your question:

A player wants to take Boon Focus II (Resistance) to be able to invoke Resistance as a Minor Action. Their character is only capable of invoking this boon on themselves. The character is therefore unable to benefit from some of the bonuses for the feat. Would it be fair to say he can buy each tier of the feat for 2 points as opposed to the 3, making the total cost 4 points instead of 6?

My answer:

It’s an expected part of Open Legend that characters will not be able to use all the abilities the system gives them access to, including through feats sometimes. You can occasionally reward these kinds of restrictions with Legend points or discounted purchasing, but this should be rare and only for extreme cases.

The ability to change up your defenses every round without having to roll or spending the ability to move or attack is a strong one, so they are already getting what I would consider the vast majority of the benefit even though they don’t get the advantage to multi-target. It may be half of the words in the feat that are irrelevant, but it is much less than half of the power of the feat. For this reason, I would not discount the feat.

However, it’s your game and your player, so you know them better than I do. If the player doesn’t seem like the type to get the maximum possible use out of this feat (maybe they also don’t use it for resistance against Forceful or Precise for example, as the two most common damage types) then you are probably okay to discount it by 1 feat point total, bringing the cost for both tiers down to 5 instead of 6. If you’re not sure, or you think your player might be doing this to try and make their character more powerful, then you should play it safe and leave the costs as they are.

I hope this was helpful, let me know if I’ve misinterpreted your question.

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You understood what I was saying. I didn’t proof read it before I posted. That’s my bad. But yes, you answered the question. Thank you very much.

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