Caving hazards for the tabletop setting

I once ran across a post which discussed the benefit of integrating puzzles and traps into the natural hazards and obstacles of the environment.
(for example; a party about to enter an underground complex shortly after a heavy rain. If they failed to identify that the structure was unstable, the water laden dirt and mud could trap them inside or partially/completely bury several of them.)

Around the same time I ran across another post laying out an idea for creating technological puzzles.

Inspired by these to thoughts I crafted a few creatures which utilized camouflage, and ambush techniques to fill the niche of ‘traps,’ and other creatures and situations which could be solved by utilizing character skills or lateral thinking.

Today I was writing out some of my ideas, and compiling/editing stolen ideas from these and other posts when I ran across something which I thought worth sharing in case others want to try something similar.