[CANCELLED]Top Dog of the School Pilot Session (Bully-inspired)

THIS GAME IS CANCELLED. Sorry. :frowning:

Welcome to Noseward academy, where the prefects are corrupt, the teachers can’t teach worth a shit, and the student body has been divided and war among each other instead of, y’know, actually doing anything productive.

You and your friends, not being part of one of the ‘cliques’ in the school, have decided that you’re not happy with this current system. You’ve decided the school needs new leadership.
You’ve decided it’s time to change the rules, to break the game, and to become the TOP DOGS OF THE SCHOOL!

In this first, pilot session, a student - “Jaqueline Methods” - has apparently been asking around for help. Her boyfriend has been accused of stealing the answer key for a Chemistry test, and she needs someone - anyone - to help clear his name. She’s rich, too - part of the ‘preppie’ clique - and she’s willing to pay whoever helps her a good chunk of money. What can you make of this opportunity?

I’ve just about finished enough of my campaign details that I’m confident to announce the campaign, inspired by Bully, “Top Dog”*, for which I’m preparing a pilot session on this coming Saturday (Feb 17), from about 3pm to 7pm PST (that’s 11pm to 3am GMT).

This is explicitly not a full-length campaign, but a test/interest session. I’m almost a first-time GMer (I’ve had a little bit of experience with a group of 2 others, but we cycled GMs then), and I want to try this out before committing to a long-term campaign. That said, if I do the next game will likely follow on from this pilot session, and you can use the characters you used in this pilot if you wish.

If you’re interested, please message me - preferably on the Discord channel, but I check here as well. This game is in a no-magic, slightly fantasy-modern science (ie: stuff can be unrealistic, but nothing’s overtly magical or sci-fi) setting, and all characters should be about freshmen or sophomores in high school, so please prepare your characters accordingly. Feel free to use Extraordinary abilities, just make sure the flavor makes sense for whatever you intend to do.

EDIT: There is now a listing on Roll20 here.

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