Campign Setting: Everwhite City

Here, people are divided betwwen Five ideals: Money, Influences Science, Philosofy and Passion. And those ideals manifest in a character of the place they are dominated. They are called Cities due to its structure: there are homes, shops, workplaces, buildings that depends on City’s ideals.For example casinos for Money/Passion, schools for Science/Philosofy, battlegrounds for those who seek domination and so on.
But you, you are interested in Everwhite. The Forever White city, full of high-tech skis and snowboards. It was small Village at First, full of Sages trying make their lives peacefull. Then schoolars came in, the ones that noticed potency in snow-travelling, investors built first ski lifts, slopes and roads. After, there came freestyles, the ones pasionable and the fame- hungry, profesional ones. Soon, it was done. The most beuatiful creation, build together by all types of people. It was perfect here. But something went wrong. People start arguing, hating each other, especially skiers and snowboarders, gangs started to forming up, drugs started to spread, people got captured for experiments.
This is why that skiers chased the snowboarder. And this is why i need your help to clean opacities and mess. And i beg you for one more thing: find my grandson, Jack, please!
Interested in more details, like campaign scenerios, game mechanic etc?