Campaign Idea: A Child is Kidnapped

Here is the prompt:

A child is kidnapped. Outraged, the monsters living under the bed and in their closet vow to find them.

The players are the monsters and must transverse the city to find the kidnapped child. They can’t risk being caught in public, OR the sunlight. A few people talking about monsters would probably be thought of as crazy or easily disbelieved.


It’s kind of funny, I’ve had this story idea for a long time. There is a webcomic I’m reading that kind of touches on it a little. It sadly hasn’t received updates… in months. But I’ve always liked the concept that the monsters under our bed or in our closets aren’t bad. There was a Tumblr story about something similar, worth the short read in my opinion. I don’t quite like the way it is written, but it’s a good concept. Also reminds me a lot of this TTRPG.

The story I have had in mind revolves around “The Girl in the Corner” and how she’s always there, and at first, she’s terrifying and scary and only the kid can see her. But as they grow, they get comfortable seeing her, even talking to her sometimes, though she doesn’t respond. Though, she moves when the kid moves and become an adult, almost like an imaginary friend, and the kid kind of just dismisses her as that. Though eventually, she isn’t there one night when the kid, now adult or teen, wakes up. Only to find that the ghost/monster has protected them from some sort of problem.

But that’s a sidetracked thing from your idea. Which I really like because I’ve liked the concept of “Non-evil monsters” for a very long time. The lizard with a gaping maw. The girl in the corner, ever watching. The spider that skirts the ceiling fan. And the troll in the closet, crouching so he can fit. All of these are interesting concepts for characters and monsters. Now they don’t have to be “Good” monsters. Just not horrible mean ones that hurt their innocent kid.