Build a Windrunner from The Stormlight Archive?

How would you build a Windrunner from Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive? Windrunners can use the “surges” Adhesion and Gravitation, as described here:

Adhesion (aka a Full Lashing) would seem to be a special form of Immobile which lasts a certain time length.

Gravitation almost seems like Forced Move, except that it is changing the subject’s direction of gravity for a time:

  • For a Basic Lashing, the wall becomes “down” or the ceiling becomes “down” or a point way in the sky becomes “down”. Also, you can employ partial or multiple lashings to get different effects: half-gravity, weightlessness, 5x gravity.

  • A Reverse Lashing increases an object’s personal gravity, drawing other objects towards it. Presumably it can also be employed at partial or multiple strengths.

I just can’t figure out how to simulate/model the Gravitation surge. I suppose I could homebrew something that mimics it, but I want to try to stay in the rules if possible.

Can anyone help me out?

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When porting characters into Open Legend you will have a much better time simply capturing the feeling of their abilities rather than specific “spells”. The abilities you mention here could be pretty easily modelled with Immobile and Forced Move, and in general this kind of power could work well just by investing points into the Movement attribute; also giving you access to the Slowed and Knockdown banes, and the Flight and Telekinesis boons.

Anything more “accurate” than the above is likely to take more effort than it is worth. Even giving a set time length for Immobile is going to cause problems as you would need to work out a drawback to balance out this quite powerful upside. There are always going to be differences when a character is moved to a different form of media, because the requirements and restrictions are different. Luckily this time the differences seem quite small.

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Multi-Bane Specialist:
Forced Move + Immobile for gravity

When you do it to yourself, Teleport + Climbing Feat

And/or flavor it as Attack Specialization to give advantage to attacks if you do it the way of the guy who killed the king in the beginning of the book.


I was actually going to ask this so this is super helpful thanks.

For the gravity effect, you’d pick up potent bane and go forced move for enemies, just telekenisis (or also forced move is possible) for objects and flight for yourself. Go for the superior concentration feat so you can lash multiple allies or just yourself and fling around objects.


Thanks for this, I might use this some time. I love those books, and it would be a ton of fun to use them.

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