Boss NPC that needs feedback

Hello Everyone! So I have a boss NPC that I want to try out for my Campaign. It is intended for a party of four level one characters, but it may be better suited for higher levels. The basic description is that it is a large collection of vampiric barbed Seaweed that has combined itself into one big collective body of seaweed with seaweed legs and seaweed whips. The seaweed only takes on this form in order to snatch a bigger piece of prey that is out of the water and is possible to reach/worth the risk. Otherwise, it might try to sustain itself by just snatching and absorbing the blood of any random unfortunate fish that swims by. However, it does need a connection to water, so there’s a chain of seaweed that leads back to the ocean where it can sustain itself. If they lose this connection, the seaweed dries up and becomes more vulnerable.

Seaweed Monster
Boss edge: 1
HP: 40
Guard: 16
Toughness: 15
Resolve: 12
Primary attributes: Might 6, Agility 6, Entropy 6
Secondary attributes: Alteration 4
Bane focus – persistent damage
Boon focus – Life Drain
Multi-bane specialist – Forced move + knockdown
Seaweed Whips – Has reach+slow, banes – Knockdown, Immobile, Forced move
Seaweed whip – agility vs. guard
Seaweed slash – Agility 6 vs. toughness, Persistent damage
Seaweed wrap – agility 1 vs. guard, immobile
Seaweed slap – Might 6 vs. guard, knockdown + forced move
Life Drain – Entropy 5
Seaweed chain: HP: 5, guard: 15, if cut, Seaweed monster loses half current hp and dries, reducing guard to 12, reducing Might and agility to 4 and gains a level of fatigue. Monster continues gaining fatigue unless brought into contact with a large supply of water

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This is still something they see, and can avoid, so it would be a Guard attack instead of toughness to inflict.

You mentioned Boss Edge of 1, but you didn’t mention what level this creature actually is. I’m guessing level 1 b/c of the 40 HP.

Seems alright overall. I wouldn’t say it is for higher level at all, if anything, this might actually be pretty weak.

You might be surprised to find your players chew through this without even cutting off the seaweed chain. The 1 thing it does have to its advantage is the Life Drain to keep it in the fight longer. But 4 Major actions to the 2 actions and not that high ove Guard means it should be a good fight.

Explosions can always surprise.