Boss idea, not sure exactly how to make it work

So I was imagining a boss who at first glance is a legendary boxer who has some extra Gorilla and Sabertooth genes injected into him. The idea is that he is significantly stronger than the PCs to begin with, so fighting him is possible, but it is a difficult task. However, near the same place you fight him, which is a research facility, there is a large amount of bottles with various mutating genes. Throwing one or two at him give him new abilities, like frog legs that allow him to use the great leap feat, or spider fangs, allowing him to poison players. However, if there are too many different mutations working on this one guy, perhaps 3-5, he’ll explode in a gooey green mess, killing him instantly. What I’m not sure is how to simulate that with the stats. Any ideas?

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Seems like you’re all ready to go as is! You could give him feats or attribute bonuses from certain vials, then have him explode when the conditions are met.

I could see him having Alternate Form or access to the Shapeshift boon.

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two things here, the lvl of the party could help someone build this boss with you. Also are you prepared for the PC’s to take the mutagen cause if they know the enemy gets abilities when they take or get a mutagen they are going to take it.

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At this point, the PCs are level 2. Also, I am sort of banking on the fact that at least one PC will test the mutagen either to see what it does or knowing that it gives feats and abilities. Through that, I am hoping to show that it is dangerous to take too many of these mutagens through extreme pain, or other effects on their body and/or mind. That or they just dig up some research that explains that.

That would make an interesting addition to his skillset

Okay, I have made our boss friend. I have 5 Player characters who are at level 2, however, they also have some from friendly NPCs (two elemental foxes, a martial artist, a computer hacker and perhaps a few others if they make more friends)

Tyrese (Genes:Gorilla, Sabretooth, Rhino, Lion)
Level 6 Boss
HP: 75
G: 16
T: 20
R: 18
Boss Edge 2
Might 8
Agility 8
Fortitude 6
Presence 6
Multi-Attack Specialist 1
Multi-bane specialist (stun + knockdown, Immobile+Persistent damage)
Multi-target attack specialist Melee
Gene feats:
Advantage 1 to swing or climb - Gorilla
Agility advantage 2 - Sabretooth, Lion
Strength advantage 2 - Gorilla, Rhino
Charge with advantage 1 (move twice your distance and attack) - Rhino
Advantage 1 to inflict demoralized - Lion
Lethal Strike 1 - Sabretooth
Favored Actions (Attacks/Boons):
Horn charge (Agility vs. Guard)
Multipunch (Might vs. Guard)
Demoralize (Presence vs. Resolve)
Provoke (Presence vs. Resolve)
Reeling! (Stun+knockdown)
Knockout! (Incapacitated)
Choke (Immobilize+Persistent damage)

I don’t plan on having security guards, but I may include them if necessary. Furthermore, the battleground has changed a bit, in that instead of throwing potions at him, they are fighting on an interlocked catwalk above vats filled with different gene mixtures. Any recommendations?