Boss Creatures by Deadeye

The title should be pretty self-explanatory :stuck_out_tongue: (Inspired by Starcraft II, as most of my creations are).

#Infestor (Boss, Level 1)

Attributes: Entropy 6, Might 4, Fortitude 4, Perception 4, Presence 4.
Defenses: Guard 14, Toughness 16, Resolve 14.
HP: 40
Speed: 30’
Boss Edge: 1
Size: 5’x10’x10’ (Wide, Long, Tall)
Favored Actions:

  • Fungal Growth: (Multi-Bane, Ranged/Area) - Entropy (d20 + 2d8) vs Toughness (inflicts P. Damage and Immobile banes)
  • Regurgitate Infested: (Boon) - Summon Creature, Entropy PL 4/5/6. (Boon Focus II)
  • Contagion: (Bane, Ranged/Area) - Entropy (d20 + 2d8) vs Toughness (inflicts Sickened bane)
  • Gorge: (Finishing Blow, Melee) - Might (d20 + 1d8) vs Guard (Fortitude roll w/CR equal to 10+Damage taken or target dies.)

Feats: Multi-Bane Specialist (Persistant Damage/Immobile), Boon Focus II (Summon Creature), Potent Bane (Sickened), Multi-Target Attack Specialist II, Bane Resistance II (Sickened), Energy Resistance II (Entropy)

Strategy: The Infestor is a sluggish, but reactive creature carrier of the dreaded Zerg hyper-evolutionary virus, along with numerous lethal pathogens. Cowardly by nature, an Infestor attempts to keep any potiential threats at a distance, either by spitting a fungal solution that immobilizes foes or by spawning infested humans (generally Marines) to serve as cannon fodder.
When on the offensive, Infestors rely on inflicting as many banes as possible rather than dealing direct damage, letting Infested and other Zerg destroy their enemies for them. They will also attempt to swallow entire humans to infest and later use them as weapons, as long doing so provides minimal exposure.
Perhaps the infestor’s most dangerous feature is the neural parasite, a symbiotic creature living within infestors that, when spat, attaches to an enemy and controls its mind for a short period of time. Almost every Infestor is host to at least one or more of these parasites and will generally release them under dire circumstances.


Infested Marine

Infested Civilian

I’d reckon this boss can be easily converted to a fantasy setting as a fungi-based creature that produces fungal zombies. Let me know your thoughts and i if messed something up! :smile:

After making the Infestor it ocurred me to go full circle and make a boss for each of the 3 major races in Starcraft (Zerg, Terran, and Protoss). Admittedly, this one is considerably more powerful than the aforementioned Infestor, but i simply had i make this one. :blush:

Nerazim Shadow Guard (Boss, Level 2)

The elite of the Dark Templar answers directly to the Matriach of the Nerazim with unwavering loyalty and deadly precision. Their numbers may be limited, but an small group of Shadow Guards is capable of decimating an entire army.

Attributes: Agility 6, Influence 6, Learning 4, Perception 4, Presence 4, Movement 4
Defenses: Guard 17, Toughness 14, Resolve 16.
HP: 50
Speed: 30’
Boss Edge: 1
Favored Actions:

  • Master Warp Scythe: (Damaging, Melee) Agility (d20 + 2d8 + Lethal Strike) vs Guard (inflicts Demoralized bane on 5 or more damage).
  • Shadow Blink: (Boon) Teleport, Movement PL 3 (Boon Focus I)
  • Mind Shroud: (Boon) Darkness, Influence PL 1/2/3/4/5/6
  • Despair: (Bane, Ranged) Influence (d20 + 2d8) vs Resolve (Inflicts Fear bane)

Feats: Boon Focus III (Invisible), Lethal Strike II, Boon Focus II (Teleport), Bane Focus (Demoralized), Bane Resistance II (Provoked), Bane Resistance I (Demoralized), Combat Momentum, Combat Follow-through.

Strategy: As most Dark Templar, Shadow Guards assault their enemies from the shadows and slip away back into the darkness before their enemies are able to retaliate. Unlike most Dark Templar, however, Shadow Guards are capable of rapidly teleport from one shadow to another in between attacks, making them maddenly difficult to track.
It is also said that Shadow Guards are able to draw void energies from slain foes, which they can convert in a rapid assault on one of their unsuspecting allies.

Dark Templar/Shadow Guard Concept Art


Oh I’ll definitely be stealing this for my Amaurea’s Dawn campaign!

Thanks @Deadeye!!!

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You are welcome, @ConradCurtis :slight_smile:
Btw, i just changed some stuff in there in case that matters to you.