Boons, how many?

So the banes of the game are pretty self explanatory wise with weapons but what about boons? As they are based on the person in question it does say how many they can have and it seems like alot to constantly keep track of , I for one minimized the trouble by giving them 1 boon to start and 1 more for every level they gain, everyone thought it was a good idea, what are your guy’s opinion on the matter of boons?

The only restriction is self-limitation typically. What makes sense for the character, the backstory.

Only 1 boon is incredibly limiting though. Also, you are not limited on banes either. Weapons have the possibility of enhancing your banes by making them more effective through the use of the weapon.

Every listed bane and boon for the attribute you have full access to. That doesn’t mean they all make sense for the character to have though.


You can use all the banes and boons you have access to through your attributes, provided you can explain what exactly your character is doing to invoke them (it would be odd for an illusionist to use their Influence to inflict the Dominated bane, for example). Generally though, most players I’ve come across will use 3-4 banes and 2-3 boons. That’s not a rule, just what I’ve seen and a good range to aim for when writing up favoured actions on a character sheet. It’s helpful to know what else you have access to on top of that (for situationally useful effects like Disarmed or Light) but knowing half a dozen banes and boons for your character at a glance makes combat run more smoothly.

I am very much against your idea of limiting boons based on your level: it only subtracts from the game instead of adding, it makes boon-heavy support builds almost impossible at low levels, and it’s one more thing to keep track of that doesn’t need tracking. What I’d suggest instead is that you have your players write down a short list of the boons they think they’ll do most often and give them a flavourful name to explain what they actually do (like a Heal boon through the Presence attribute might be an “encouraging shout”) for quick reference and if a situation comes up where they might need something that’s not on the list they can look it up and come up with an explanation when it happens. If some of your players want to keep to the level restriction then they’re welcome to, but you should make it clear that the rules of the game don’t enforce it.


Oh yeah I agree the players themselves want only one boon per level cause it adds a sort if “progression” as they call it, and they dont want to keep track of many boons like that, but you worded it well I’ll try to tell them once again

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There’s progression already! As you earn more xp you can increase your attributes which gives you access to more banes and boons and stronger versions of the ones you have. If there’s a boon you particularly like, you can buy Boon Focus in it or you can get Multi-target Boon Specialist to help you with targeting all your boons.

Levels don’t mean a lot in Open Legend, there’s a few feats which refer to it and every odd level your attribute cap increases, but mainly its just a way for the GM to judge the strength of a PC at a glance. I understand that can feel a little odd for some players, but it helps to realise that each individual xp is like a “mini-level” as it gets you more attribute and feat points to spend. All that you achieve by tying boons into your level is to restrict your options and make higher attributes not mean as much, because you have to spend a second resource on top of your attribute points to be able to use the cool new abilities that the system wants you to have.