Boon idea Imbueding (possible damage alteration)


Power level: 2
Duration: sustain persists
Invocation time: 1 move action
Attributes: alteration, creation, energy, entropy, learning, logic

Description: wether a tech savvy space fairer who can alter the out put of a laser gun to help disrupt a force field, a magical enchanter who wreaths a mace in radiance knowing the undead he fights will wither beneath its glow or a learned man who pours oil upon a sword and ignites it. you know how to alter an item to exploit vulnerabilities and avoid resistances

Effect: you temporarily change the damage type an item can produce when invoking this boon select one damage type: forceful, precise, fire, cold, radiant, necrotic (this list is not exhaustive and other damage types may be approved by the GM)

I returned to an effect of my original power bestowel boon and chose to take that and see it run as a seperate boon as it had versitility and could be applied in both combat and non combat situations and would like some feed back

I remember the great moostache saying that this could be achived with the bolster boon however would likly only be on rare ocasions as flavor to the use of bolster

I wish to bring this forward and see if anyone has some iimput or comments to tink about

All feed back is apriciated


Looks solid. I like that it only takes a move action to invoke, allowing for some potential synergies.


I had one question do you think creation would be applicable as an invoking attribute as i could see how it would work but i feel that it would probably lend its self more to the bolster side than this boon ??

I think Creation would be perfectly fine inclusion for this boon.

Thankyou for the feed back

Creation could represent something like holy(/radiant) damage so I think it is feasible.

Sounds really solid overall. Would you mind sharing it on the wiki as well? :smiley:

No not at all i’ll put it up today in the homebrew section :slight_smile:

The page is now avalible on the open legend wiki :slight_smile:

The bolster boon is not the same, I like this Boon I already use something like this. I think its a needed and welcome addition to the game. The only thing I would change is the invocation action from move action to major action.