Boon Access: Aura And Attribute Interaction/Aura Recursion

Boon Access can give you access to a boon you otherwise cannot use, and replaces your attribute score with the boon’s power level for invocation rolls.

Aura lets you radiate a boon that uses the same attribute as the one Aura was invoked with.

If a player had Aura through Boon Access, what would you say are the boons that they could invoke? Would you let them choose an applicable attribute on invoke? Would you make them choose on the purchase of the feat and stick with it? Would you have them only able to cast other Boon Access boons? Would you just not let them take Aura through Access? Would you do something I haven’t thought to list here?

Also, a level 8 aura could radiate a level 4 aura if the GM approved. Would you approve? If so, would you make the players who receive the level 4 aura have to use the same attribute as the main level 8 aura, or let them choose? If so, would the player with the 8 aura get a 4 aura also, as aura says boons also affect the user, or would you say that they don’t?

For anyone who would allow all of what I have said so far, if there is anyone who fits that description, how would you deal with the two coming together, a level 8 Aura of Boon Access attribute giving Boon Access attribute level 4 auras to the players?

We’ve had this asked so many times. It just doesn’t work b/c of the nature of targeting and is one of the boons that just doesn’t fit the idea of it, much like the examples in Aura.

When you pick Boon Access, you have to pick an attribute if multiple attributes are possible:

If the boon has multiple attribute prerequisite options, you choose one attribute when you take this feat.

I would not allow a player to pick Boon Access for Aura, as that is an attempt to get more out of Boon Access than it would normally allow. Some GMs might, but 8 Feat points just to get Aura PL 8 is a bit crazy in the first place.

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Alright, noted. Thank you for your response.

Just to clarify more about Aura,

As soon as people leave the Aura, any boons that are on them from the aura immediately go away. Cascading Auras is a rough thing,a nd with the lower and lower PL from it, is just trying to be crazy for the sack of crazy.

I’m a bit tired, or I would go into more detail, but it is something that has come up a few times over in the Discord.

Boon Access is another, truthfully it probably should have been pulled out of the rules with the change in leveling that happened awhile back, as before, it was the only way to get early access to Boons higher than level 5, and was it’s original design, to give you access to level 6 boons primarily.

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Then I guess it’s a good thing I haven’t been relying on Access much. Thanks for your time. Also, I understood that you lose the boon outside the aura, even if out for a second, and I saw that as perhaps a possible way to deal with cascading, especially since it can only cascade once as it currently is, but I see now that cascading simply does not even apply.
Thank you for your response.

Yeah, for the cost it’s not very good, especially next to Attribute Substitution. I did a small re-work of it, posted here in the forums, but even then it’s still rough overall.

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