Best format or tool for campaigns or settings

Given that this system is ripe for the creation of settings and adventures created by us, I’ve been working on one. I’d love to know if people have a preferred format or tool for creating these. I’ve been frustrated with the wiki style ones I’ve found so far, that have been difficult for me to navigate, but I definitely can’t produce something at the level of Armurea’s Dawn.

I’m working of a setting based in the Pacific Northwest starting in 2020. But where steadily portals open to a fantasy realm that introduces magic and other things into the world. A heavy inspiration of the Kerberos Club setting.

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World Anvil is a good way to setup it up to make sure you have everything the way you want. If you want to produce something in a PDF format, there’s a couple of online sites you can use for that.


This looks really promising. I’ll look into it and post again after I’ve had a look around. Thanks a ton

I built mine on a Trello board.

Great recommendation. I would encourage others to use it to. I am hoping to contribute some content to their site soon for the rpg stat block feature they have.
In general, great for organizing a setting

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I just started rebuilding my campaign website on world anvil. very useful site.