Beginner Friendly Character Sheet

Hi everybody!

I’m going to be running a game for my family soon, and I wanted to make sure the character sheet wasn’t too daunting or confusing, because a lot of them haven’t really played any TTRPGs before. I threw this together in GIMP (I am not a graphic design person), but I figured it’s simple enough to be accessible to newer players, so it might be helpful to somebody. I know it doesn’t look super awesome, but I’m hoping it will get the job done.

I was going to attach it, but it won’t let me, so here’s a link to it on google drive.


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Hey Jake,
that looks really slick! Good idea to introduce icons for beginner players, but if I had one minor critique, it is that the attribute points and points spent are placed a bit awkwardly. I would switch them with the Legend Points because I feel that fits better to arrange them that way. Also, the unarmed strikes attack action you already put in might be a bit confusing, as it could also be Agility vs. Guard, as it ain’t limited to Might.