Battlefield Retribution and Combat Follow-through


I was wondering about a possible scenario.

My buddy is about to be hit and I activate the defend action.
If I had Battlefield Retribution and managed to roll enough over the attackers roll that it actually took out all their remaining HP, would this activate Combat Follow-through/Momentum?

It says when you reduce them to 0 with a might or agility attack, you can immediately make an extra attack as a free action. So wanting to confirm if this means it has to be on an attack action only or would the above also be considered an attack?

Thank you

This is something you would need to discuss with your GM and see what they think.

A Defend Interrupt Action is not an attack by itself in the technical sense. Flavor wise it might be described as that as a way to distract the opponent that is attacking.

Strictly speaking RAW (Rules As Written) I would have to say no. But, given character backstory and fun, I might consider it for a player. In the end, it’s up to the GM whether they would allow the feats to work together or not for the campaign/setting you are in.

Defend Interrupts are already pretty powerful, b/c you get to see the number you need to beat before you decide to active it.

It is the same thing when you look at Battlefield Punisher and whether it can synergize with Bane Focus. Default the answer would be no, but the GM could decide otherwise.

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Not a problem. I thought it may probably be a no but the thought popped in and just wanted to check.

Thanks for the quick response!

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The @Great_Moustache is wise and accurate with his answer.
If it lead to an epic moment (and wasn’t stealing another players thunder) I’d let it slide if they spend a Legend point or something similar (even 50/50 flip a coin). I only say to add some sort of irregular cost to make it clear this isn’t normally allowed, but the GM is overruling it so there is a chance to break the rules to do something creative and spectacular.

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