Battle trance and fatigue for combat heavy campaign

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I am converting a party of D&D 5e characters to open legend because I want to change rulesets. So there’s a barbarian and @Barstro sums my thoughts in the original thread.

The campaign I’m running will typically have 1 or 2 combat encounters per day, more if they are traveling the wilds or dungeoneering. That means the barbarian will be collecting fatigue or cannot use their defining feature. So I’m writing here to find a good middle point.

So my first idea is to give the barbarian one or two “fatigue free” uses of battle trance per day. This is basically the same as dnd does, except now they can choose to use battle trance more times per day but then at a steep cost. I think this is what I like the most currently.

Another way would be to give them some kind of “fatigue healing” or modifying fatigue from battle trance. I’m a little hesitant to go down this road because it seems like more work and edge cases. Maybe battle trance gives 2 fatigue that heals in 10 or 30 minutes of rest. That means the cost is still present and available. but it also means there’s a whole new layer of bookkeeping more complex than the above free uses.

While it would make sense and help party teamwork if the barbarian was halfway dependent on someone for restoration I’m not sure it feels good/fun/interesting for the player, though that comes down to presentation and how I talk with them about it. (Current party has no healer available).

And just to make sure I get the original rules right: a character with battle trance, indomitable endurance 1 and access to restoration boon (through party member or self). They would need to reach fatigue 7 to die from fatigue? And if they have 3 days of 2 combat encounters (where they use battle trance) they would be at fatigue 6 and can at max rest get rid of 2 fatigue per day (rest and restoration)?

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Yes, Restoration removes 1 (do note: Attribute Score 7 invoking Restoration removes all levels of fatigue) and resting removes 1.

1 Restoration + 1 Nights rest would counter act 2 combat encounters a day.

You could have a ring of Restoration, only works 1x per day and only on self, and only in conjuction with rest. So bascially it doubles the rest effect. This is a limited item, so reduces the WL cost with all those restrictions.

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Nice, didn’t think of that. :smiley:

Edit: though, doesn’t fatigue require 24 hours of rest to loose a level?

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So, this is where conversion expectations have to be thrown out of the window. You simply can’t have Battle Trance work similarly in 5e and in OL because the OL version is more potent and thus needs to come at a steeper cost.

I would advise against that. At most, I would allow for a perk that gives a free use per session. And even then, I would be careful and monitor how it plays out in sessions.

Technically, yes, but most people instead use a good night’s rest to recover because it’s just more convenient to handle it that way and more coherent because that’s easier to adapt to different settings.


Thank you for feedback :smiley: (that was fast! was expecting maybe some answers in a few days :heavy_heart_exclamation: )

Have to agree with that. This is the second time I’ve converted from 5e to OL, and I remember from last time that while there are more things on the 5e character sheet (like dark vision, which is costly to obtain in OL at the same time as being far superior in OL), the OL version is way more potent/powerfull. I need to start campaigns in OL :flushed:

In 5e they have the “long rest” (8 hrs sleep or similar) which resets most (almost all) abilities. As a homebrew I might start using long rest then, at least in regards to fatigue. And so I created this item for the barbarian, I’m thinking they received it as a parting gift from their mentor(s) or similar.

(I also added a version of attunement, i.e. the item is bound to/only usable by one character at a time)

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That’s one way to handle it but I would add the caveat that it only removes 1 level of fatigue per day, because otherwise, you can just take a day off and be good to go in most cases. That would change the balance of the feat quite a bit.

One thing that I would note about your item is that your description actually implies a higher WL than you currently have it at. As the description says “Removes 1 level of fatigue from battle trance per 8 hours of rest.” which would mean that it also has the Reliable property, although at a slower pace.


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