Base your Creation Magic User after Sun Wukong

This was actually one of my player’s characters. He was having trouble coming up with a character idea because of how open the system was, so he decided to design a magic user based on the Chinese myth of Sun Wukong.

If you don’t know, Sun Wukong was a stone that was granted life and carved into the shape of a monkey by the wind, or he was a monkey who was given human features, depending on what story you read. There are a lot of different stories of him, but he basically got a magic staff that could grow and shrink, named Ruyi Jingu Bang, and a cloud that he rides everywhere. He becomes the monkey king, an influential demon, and briefly a god.

Ultimately, his goal is to just have fun, but he has some serious powers. His main ability though, is the fact that he can create a clone out of himself from a single hair off his body, of which there are 84,000 of them. This is mostly why I could see him as a great inspiration for either a Creation Magic User archetype, or a Martial Artist/Monk archetype.