Banes & Chainsaws

I was looking through the the chainsaw weapon properties and noticed that one of the banes you could inflict with it was Persistent Damage. However, the chainsaw is a heavy, forceful only weapon, meaning you can only use Might as the attacking attribute. The only physical attribute you are supposed to use with that bane is Agility, so is this a unique feature of the chainsaw or a typo?

Source: OL website

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The way I understand weapons in this system, they help you be able to attain Banes/boons that you otherwise would not be able to attain by just using your straight ability roll. otherwise, no weapon means anything–it’s all just window dressing. Your might roll is the same whether you use a fist or a dagger or a man-portable thermonuclear device. So the chainsaw having a persistent damage bane gives your might-based character an incentive to use it–it gives him a distinct advantage over just swinging his fist at things.

Actually, Lazer is right and it’s a mistake. I’ll submit a fix for it.

@geekalogian: Generally I agree with you, but there is a specific clause in both Forceful and Precise, which says: This weapon can be used to make attacks with the Might attribute and invoke banes accessible via X. (X being the associated attribute score)

So if you want to attach a bane to a weapon, which isn’t on the associated banes list, then it would technically fall into the extraordinary items category.

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