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I’ve never played a Table Top RPG before so bear with me. I’m preparing to run A Star Once Fallen intro with a few friends so we can learn to play Open Legend. Like me, this will be their first experience with pen & paper role playing. The question I have concerns the Physical Attributes Fortitude & Might. The cor rule book states…

“Fortitude Resist poison, shrug off pain, survive in a desert, wear heavy armor
Might Swing a maul, jump over a chasm, break down a door, wrestle a foe to submission”

but in in A Star Once Fallen it has…

“Fortitude Resist poison, shrug off pain, exert yourself physically
Might Wear heavy armor, Swing a maul, jump over a chasm, break down a door, wrestle a foe to submission.”

So does wearing heavy armor fall under Might or Fortitude? Also, is exert yourself physically correctly under Fortitude?

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Star once fallen is an older adventure and also Learn by Play. So some of the rules are different or vary b/c:

  1. Wasn’t updated to the latest version that is on the website
  2. Has a few things different on purpose b/c of learn by play

Here’s several things that are different:

Make sure you’ve downloaded the most recent version of the module from drive thru.

To answer your questions:

Fortitude is the attribute to allow you to wear armor.

Physically exerting yourself can fall under both Might and Fortitude depending on the nature of it.

The website is correct over the module (though remember some things are changed b/c of the Learn by Play nature of it)


Thank you. What about the physical core rule book? Have there been updates to it? I have the book & want to reference it but still need to learn by play. I guess I could just play ASOF as is & then move to the full rule set but it makes more sense to me to just go ahead & start learning the correct way.


The book should match the website, haven’t been any changes yet, so you’ll be good to reference the book!

if you want to just use the setting, you could use the full rules from the book too and just use the story and the NPC/Creatures from the module.

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I’ll check out the whole module & then decide. If the module is a lot easier to get a game going then I might just go with it. It wouldn’t be to difficult to adjust from it to the full rules would it? I have never played so what do you suggest? I just don’t want to confuse my players or myself needlessly. I haven’t read the entire rule book either :slight_smile:. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

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wouldn’t be hard either way.

It’s meant to be very close to actual rules. The only difference is how you introduce some of the things, and the feats are a bit more simplified, and a shorter bane, boon, feat list altogether (to make it easier to get started).

However, since it was written before the rules were finalized, there’s a few things you might see besides what I pointed out in the other thread link I shared, like the Might/Fortitude thing you were asking about.


Oh, and if you end up having more questions, feel free to post them here, though you might get faster answers/feedback on the discord. Lots of helpful and friendly people over there nearly at any time b/c of different time zones.


Alright. Thank you friend. I will definitely reference your link as needed & try the discord when I inevitably have more questions. Hopefully I can entice a few video gamer friends into learning to play Pen & Paper RPGs with me using this system.