Attribute Mastery

Here’s a homebrew feat that I’m letting my PCs access. It makes explosions even more aggressive! Do you guys think it’s balanced? Let me know what you think! I’m open to suggestions!

Attribute Mastery (I-II)
Cost: 4 points

Tier 1-2: Any Attribute 5

You have unparalleled mastery over your skill. When you use your skill, you accomplish things of the likes that most can only dream.

Pick an Attribute in which you have an Attribute Score of at least 5. For that Attribute, you receive Advantage 1 on subsequent rolls for dice explosions depending on which tier of the feat you have:

Tier 1 - Non-attack, non-invocation dice rolls.

Tier 2 - Attack action rolls and bane or boon invocation rolls.

In addition to purchasing multiple tiers of this feat, you may take this feat multiple times and select a new Attribute each time. Your tier of this feat is independent for each Attribute.

I’m having trouble figuring out how this is different from Vicious Strike

I it’s almost exactly the same, except it would apply to regular dice as well instead of just the d20.

LOL! WOW, that is whole notha level of dice rolling shenanigan love. I guess it works. If you’re charging 4 points for it, you could probably just give Tier 1 and Tier 2 effects all at once for 4 points.

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Haha yeah that should work. Thanks!

I’ve changed things up a little bit further:

Attack Mastery (I - VI)

Cost: 2 points

  • Tier 1: Attack Specialization I
  • Tier 2: Attack Specialization II
  • Tier 3: Attack Specialization III
  • Tier 4: Attack Specialization IV
  • Tier 5: Attack Specialization V
  • Tier 6: Attack Specialization VI

You have unparalleled mastery over your form of attack. When you use your attack, you accomplish things of the likes that most can only dream.

For each tier you have in this feat, you receive Advantage 1 on subsequent re-rolls for dice explosions of the attribute dice for the particular weapon or attack type you selected with the Attack Specialization feat.

You may take this feat multiple times and select a new weapon or attack type each time. You must at least have Attack Specialization I for each weapon or attack type you select with Attack Mastery.

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Could you imagine having Attack Specialization VI and Tier 6 of this feat for an attack that your Attribute Score is only 1?

Roll 6d4, and an additional 6d4 every time it explodes, and so on…
It would never stop :joy:!

This is insane. Every player dreams of infinite dice rolls. You’re bringing them closer to the dream. :smile:


Thi is crazy awesome! I am working on converting my TSR Marvel game over to OL, and I have been trying to find a way to encapsulate the feel of super awesome power use. This could help out a ton!


@Brycelor THESE kinds of shenanigans are why I won’t be directing my players to the community site, my friend. I will have a hard enough time reining in their creativity, let alone the “endless explosion”.

It almost makes me want to ask @brianfeister and Co. to put a limiter on Attack Specialization (such as Attribute score used. For example, Attack Specialist 5 would require a Melee 5, Agility 5, or Extraordinary 5). The feat cost of Attack Specialist VI (18 points) and Attack Mastery VI (12 points) for a combined total of 30 points is a good limiter tho :stuck_out_tongue:

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I mean… at level 5, the highest Attack Specialization could be is 6 (18 points), and at that point your Attribute Score would easily be a 7, so not sure there would be a point.


My home brew rule would be that in game with @ConradCurtis , everyone gets Attack Specialization equal to their level ADDED to any of thier feats, and any of his characters or NPC have the inverse: Disadvantage equal to the other players level.

Which is only possible at level 9, as it would use all of your feat points, if I’m not mistaken

My thoughts are, if a player wants to maximize their roll potential, it’s gonna cost them EVERYTHING :smiling_imp:

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