Archetype Build Examples - Advantage Question

Hey guys,

So I’m currently skimming through the rules trying to learn the system for a 1-shot I’ll be running in about 2 months.

One of my PCs has requested that his character basically functions like Geralt from Witcher 3, I took a look at the Spellsword Build Example in the Character Creation section and thought it was a pretty good fit so I started translating it to a physical character sheet making sure I understood what everything I was filling in actually meant and cross referencing rules and feats etc just to try and familiarise myself with the core rules by making an actual character.

Then I noticed that the Spellsword archetype has advantage 1 on his falchion action but can’t for the life of me figure out why. I took a look at some of the other archetypes and almost all of them have advantage on something but I can’t find in the rules why this is.

I’ve been skimming through these rules for a good few hours just trying to absorb as much information as possible before stumbling upon this, so I apologise if I’m missing something incredibly obvious here but my brain is starting to hurt at the sheer number of tabs I have open.

Could this perhaps be because a person wielding a 2 handed weapon gets advantage 1 on their attacks?


As the Falchion is a versatile melee weapon it can be used as a two or one handed weapon.
Two handed weapons automatically gain Adv 1, while one handed can be dual wielded to gain Adv 1.
If the Spellsword were to use the Falchion as a one handed weapon then he would lose the Adv 1 but gain the use of one hand.
Take a look at Weapons & Implements tab.


Thanks guys!

Knew I would be overlooking something simple - I was checking through all the feats to see if it was something like that giving a combat advantage but obviously was looking in the wrong place